March 2018

When you started your business, what were your goals? Are you still on track for those goals? Have you considered the challenges that may come between you and your business goals? At Gordon Law, we view it as our responsibility to help you expect the unexpected and, more importantly, plan for it. 

As you will read below, this month we discuss the importance of a Buy-Sell Agreement. Having a Buy-Sell Agreement can help you to manage your business if your life (or that of your partner's) becomes complicated.

A Buy-Sell Agreement is an agreement between the owners of a business that provides for when and how one owner can buy out the other's interest. All businesses should have some form of a Buy-Sell Agreement. A Buy-Sell Agreement can protect you, your business and your family. Please read more about why you need a Buy-Sell Agreement HERE.

As we discussed last month, Gordon Law is here to provide comprehensive business advice, including estate planning that protects your business in the event of your death or disability. A Buy-Sell Agreement is one of the many tools that should be in your toolbox. Contact Gordon Law to ensure that your toolbox is well-stocked.

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