May 2018

We are nearly halfway through 2018. The economy is growing and unemployment is down. This may make recruiting and retaining your workforce a greater challenge. Are you looking to make some changes in your employment practices? This month, we explore the intersection of legalized marijuana and employment. Please consider Gordon Law as your resource in ensuring compliant employment practices.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nevada's most recently-reported unemployment rate is about five percent. Many employers are scrambling to find qualified employees as the economy is hitting its stride in recovery. Compounding this struggle are employers who conduct drug tests as a condition of hiring. Since legal marijuana became available in Nevada on July 1, 2017, many prospective employees are reluctant to submit to drug screening. Please read more  HERE  to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of legal weed and the workforce.
As Al Capone said, 
 "Vote early and vote often."

Election season is upon us. Early voting for the primary election starts on May 28, 2018. I have the great privilege of serving on the Henderson Chamber of Commerce's IMPAC board. In this capacity, I have had the opportunity to interview candidates and play a role in making endorsements. 

The candidates that IMPAC has endorsed are: 
  • Joe Hardy (R), Nevada Senate District 12
  • Ben Kieckhefer (R), Nevada Senate District 16 
  • James Settelmeyer (R), Nevada State District 17
  • Keith Pickard (R), Nevada Senate District 20
  • James Ohrenschall (D), Nevada Senate District 21
  • Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D), Nevada Assembly District 1
  • John Hambrick (R), Nevada Assembly District 2
  • Jason Frierson (D), Nevada Assembly District 8
  • Steve Yeager (D) Nevada Assembly District 9
  • Tyrone Thompson (D), Nevada Assembly District 17
  • Chris Edwards (R), Nevada Assembly District 19
  • Jill Tolles (R), Nevada Assembly District 25
  • Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D), Nevada Assembly District 27
  • Jill Dickman (R), Nevada Assembly District 31
  • John Ellison (R), Nevada Assembly District 33
  • James Oscarson (R), Nevada Assembly District 36
  • Jim Wheeler (R), Nevada Assembly District 39
  • James Gibson (D), Clark County Commission District G
If you have questions about other candidates or races, please let me know. I am happy to give you my insight on the  state-wide and  judicial races.

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