May 2017

Whether you are at the beginning of creating your business, building your business or in the midst of litigation, the best way to run your business is to realize that you are perpetually at war (or perhaps a series of wars). I am not saying this to imply that you need to continuously defend yourself or be an aggressor. What I mean is that you should view each challenge within your business as an opportunity to achieve victory. 
  • Define the victory (recognizing that this definition can change over time)
  • Identify your allies and your enemies (recognizing that someone or something may be an ally today and an enemy tomorrow)
  • Create a strategy to obtain victory
  • Know the difference between a battle and the war (this is particularly true in litigation)
  • Within your strategy, determine the fewest number of battles you must win to achieve victory
A legal strategy (whether in growth or litigation) is vital to the development of your business. Gordon Law has vast experience in business strategy and is here to help you attain your victory.   

Last month, we talked about the Negotiation Mindset (you can read that article HERE ).This month, following the theme of victory, we outline various ways you can define the rules of engagement. Please read "Anticipating problems - how to resolve disputes" HERE.

A new client came to see me recently. She was looking to start a new business related to a crafting hobby she has enjoyed for years. We had to have a hard conversation about being passionate about your business while still making a profit. I explained to her that Gordon Law is here to comprehensively assist her in creating and protecting her business so that she may enjoy it and be successful.

The Legislative Session is snaking its way to conclusion. Some of the bills that would be damaging to Nevada businesses have died-for example, one that would have imposed greater liability on the managers and members of LLCs. However, the last few weeks of the Session may prove to have greater impact on your business than you thought possible. As you know, I have actively been monitoring the Session and will continue to do so on your behalf. 

As we told you last month, Gordon Law is preparing a seminar for its clients and the community at large to discuss the bills that ultimately become laws affecting your business. We will keep you updated as to the date, time and location of the seminar. However, please contact me if you have any questions before that time.

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