Amazingly, we are now in the final quarter of 2015. Has your business performed the way you expected? What challenges do you expect to face in 2016?

As a small business owner, my organization contends with challenges similar to yours. Just like you, my firm has been impacted by positive changes in our economic climate as well as relevant changes in laws and regulations. Truly, your business is my business. When I formed Gordon Law, I wanted to continue the holistic approach I have given my clients over the past 20-plus years. Although the way we do business has not changed, I continue to look at your business from top-to-bottom, front-to-back, and inside-to-outside. I am grateful for the opportunity to help you achieve your goals. 

Medical marijuana is now legal and available in Nevada. As a business owner, if you have employees, the legalization of marijuana may have significant pitfalls and potential liability for you. The impacts of legalized marijuana range from how you enforce your employee policies, to whether your employees can maintain claims against you for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, to your liability for injuries to your employees or the general public. Please read more about this HERE.

Gordon Law's vast experience can help you develop or fortify your employment policies and procedures to protect you, as well as help you in the event claims or litigation arise.

It is my distinct privilege to represent one of the most anticipated new restaurants, as declared by Vegas Smoke's Poutinerie. Not only is the food like a party in your mouth, Smoke's can be found in just about the coolest location in town,  Pawn Plaza Retail Center in Downtown Las Vegas (725 South Las Vegas Blvd.).

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