November 2017

The entertainment industry has been rocked with salacious allegations of sexual harassment and assault. What affects Hollywood often affects Main Street. A claim of sexual harassment can be devastating for your business. Not only can it negatively impact the reputation of your business, as it did to The Weinstein Company, Amazon, Fox, and ABC, it can also cause you significant legal hardship.

As you will read in the link below, unfortunately I have been one of the countless women who has shared the hashtag #MeToo. I appreciate your indulgence as I share my story and help you to protect your business.

Read  HERE to learn how to protect your business against claims against sexual harassment and how to respond if there is a claim.

In observing so many other women use the "#MeToo" hashtag, not only am I disillusioned by how pervasive the problem is, but I am amazed by the strength and perseverance of women in the workforce. As you likely know, more small businesses are started by women. I am comforted that with awareness and discussion, our businesses will grow and develop talent without harming anyone in the process.

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