October 2018
Unemployment in Nevada is at one of its lowest rates. I have heard from many of you how challenging it is to find the right candidates to fill new positions in your business. While expanding your business in a growing economy is a good problem to have-it remains a problem. Finding qualified candidates to fill positions is just the first step in solving that problem. This month we discuss the benefits and challenges associated with background checks.
We have written before on hiring issues (please click HERE ), but given the employment climate after the explosion of the #metoo movement and the Kavanaugh hearings, we wanted to discuss background checks. To learn more about how to cover your backside while conducting background checks, please read HERE.

As of September 1, 2018, if you conduct background checks, you must advise applicants and employees of the ability of a national security freeze allowing them additional protections from identity theft. The new forms are available HERE.

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