May 2, 2019 - Issue 19-18

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A couple of years ago, I wrote about Benno Dorer's unique leadership style at Clorox Company. He's big on encouraging ideas from front-line workers.

Here's a story of a company where that approach is taken to pretty much the ultimate level. 

Leaders attain leadership by attracting "followership" for a product or business idea. They're designated as leaders only by their followers, never by management. 

Salaries are set by a peer group.

The W. L. Gore company is privately held - the employees own most of it.  That means there's no need to explain "dabble time" (the company's creativity mechanism) to investors.  Jason Field, the company's fifth CEO, says,  "It allows us to consistently take a long-term view. We leverage that every single day." 

Deirdre van Dyk describes this unorthodox 61-year-old company more thoroughly in this article.


John Stevens

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