Amazing Animation
Beautiful (and first ever)
Mickey Mouse Original Painting by Bill Lopa,
painted last week at the
Greater New York Dental Meeting

I am very excited to show you the Mickey Mouse "Toothache" Original Painting by Bill Lopa. Lopa was with us for three days at the New York Dental and this Mickey was one of three paintings he completed.

The other two originals were a Dr Minnie Mouse (which was sold, see below) and a Marvin Martian Flossing Without Teeth that will be offered later this week.

We are once again offering this large 36" x 48" Lopa Original for only $6,000.  I cannot stress to you what an incredible price this is for our clients.  A few days before this meeting, Lopa's Batman Original sold for $12,500.

This Mickey Mouse painting would be a wonderful addition to your art collection and a wonderful painting to have hanging in your waiting room.

If you would rather not spend $6,000, a hand signed Bill Lopa Mixed Media Original are also available for only $1500.00  These are hand embellished fine art giclee prints of the original painting that measures 30" x 40" inches.

Actually any Lopa Original Painting that has been scanned can be ordered as a mixed media original painting.

Please click here to see the Bill Lopa dental art as well as his other paintings.

To inquire about the Mickey Mouse Toothache or any other Lopa painting available, please call (800) 536-7796


Perry Shiller
Amazing Animation
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Working on Mickey 
Working on Mickey 2 
Working on Mickey 3 
Mickey Toothache 
Maritza and Minnie

Congratulations to Dr Martiza Morell, the proud new owner of Dr Minnie Mouse, shown here with Bill Lopa.

We love you Maritza!
Mickey  and Minnie Dental

Originally designed as a potential matching two piece Dr and Patient set, Lopa can paint any other Disney character as the Doctor, including a brand new Minnie Mouse.

Doctor Goofy, or Donald Duck would be funny.  Actually any combination of characters you could think of could be painted for you.

Please inquire about a special price for two pieces.