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A Taste of the Country... Vermont!
June 2019
Vermont is a collection of hidden treasures… from farm-to-table restaurants to inspiring art collections to well curated day trips to interesting places – we have a way of bringing the show directly to you! This month's edition is packed full with interesting links to places & things! 
50 Vermont Hikes
­ With 10-15 nearby Pond Mountain Inn; our favorite is Haystack Mountain, just ten minutes away!
Vermont Cheese Tour
Covered Bridge Tour • Micro-Brewery Tour • Chocolatier Tour • Art Gallery & Museum Tours.
Water Sommelier
Everyone drinks bottled water – but not at Pond Mountain Inn! We drink water from the tap, find out why !
Farm to Table: Chickens • Ducks • Pigs
Our Chicks... Just Two Weeks Old!
The colloquial term for chickens is meat birds – raised for their meat, as opposed to layers , which produce eggs, obviously. Our meat birds grow incredibly fast on the best organic feed available. They’re ready in just ten weeks! Beyond that nature is unkind…
Duck Egg Omelettes Anyone?
Reluctant babies meeting their older sisters for the first time... The five new breeds will take about six months before they're laying. There are no distinguishable taste differences between all nine breeds, but one thing is certain, they’re all delicious!
Our Three Little Pigs... Well, Just One is Ours!
We picked up our pigs about a month ago from nearby Brown Boar Farm. Here they are on their first day – about 40 pounds. In six months they should grow to 225-240 lbs. They’re a Tamworth and Berkshire cross-breed. The House of Windsor adopted the Berkshire as their swine of choice over 300 years ago! Learn more below .
Extraordinary Discoveries □ Unforgettable Memories 
Discover Shelburne Museum... “Like nothing you have ever experienced!”  
Father’s Day Weekend • Shelburne Museum Classic Auto Festival • June 15-16. Not to be missed!
Take a look at their over 150,000 Works in 39 Exhibition Buildings and Collections below... 
Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! At the Dorset Playhouse
The Dorset Players just concluded their 91 st season with Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! But don’t worry, Dorset Theatre Festival kicks off its 2019 season June 20th with Private Lives , A revival of the beloved 1903 comedy of manners; “Gorgeous, dazzling, fantastically funny.” Take a look at the summer theatre schedules below! We have season tickets again this year!

Single Destination Day Trip ­ Blantyre Lenox, Massachusetts
The Champagne Salon D om Pérignon Inspired
Looking for something a little different that indulges your senses? We offer this suggestion… The Cloister or La Cave, a choice of indoor or outdoor spaces • Vintage Trinity half glass flight of all three Dom Pérignon offerings • Siberian or Kaluga Caviar. Take a closer look at the Blantyre property and exclusive Dom Pérignon experience!

Beaver Pond Londonderry, Vermont
We stumbled upon this incredible beaver pond on this well-traveled dirt road in Londonderry. The terrain prevented us from taking a better photo; I had to reach well over my head to even get this shot! The pond depth was 6-8 feet deep and the engineering mesmerizing. Just a great find!
Stargazing at Pond Mountain Inn • Milky Way, Launch & Landing
You won’t see the Falcon 9 rocket launch a Dragon Resupply Ship to the International Space Station; nor the plume and flare at the peak of the launch arc, nor the two shorter diagonal rocket engine streaks bringing back the Falcon 9 stage back to an offshore landing. Click below to discover what you will see in Pond Mountain Inn’s night sky – it's fascinating!
Who's Ready For Scotch Duck Eggs?

A Bittersweet Green Mountain College Celebration 
An Alumnus & Graduate Celebrated Final Commencement Ceremony at Green Mountain College After a 185-Year Legacy. Green Mountain College has now closed its doors... 

Take Another Look... If You Missed The Amazing Photography in Our May Newsletter
Our May Newsletter was absolutely amazing – if you missed it, please take a look at the incredible photography and unique Vermont Day Trips & Unique Itinerarwe have assembled for you! 
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