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 In This Issue: Gorsuch hearings, Why do we have a Bill of Rights? Trump in Detroit and meeting with Veterans, Budget CUTS!  Voting held up on RyanCare.  MCU reveals more faculty and Plans for MiCPAC. Illegal murders veteran, others rape high school freshman. Comey pathetic; Nunez declares Team Trump was under surveillance. Islamization of Paris. Property Rights attacked. Michigan's billionaires. Healthcare and high insurance costs. Lobbyists buy one Michigan legislator $4,047 in free food and drink in one year. Legislative issues, MORE!
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A Declaration...To Secure there Rights... Video
"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit is, there is Liberty"  1Cor.3:17

During the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch in the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this week, Sen. Ben Sasse asked about the Bill of Rights. Gorsuch's answer is worth watching in full.  The Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment, exists purely to protect liberty.Sen. Sasse asks Justice nominee Gorsuch to explain to youth why we have the Bill or Rights. Reply  (Thanks NRA and Marcy) 

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Richard Thompson, Esq. Thomas More Law Center - Defender of Christian Values  
Trevor Loudon, Author New Zeeland Freedom Fighter: America must! 
Dave Agema, Patriot,
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Prof. William Wager, Esq., Salt & Light Global- Ethics, Ethos

Priscilla Miller, Patriot, Author Remmy, A Hero Dog of War and others
Dr. Rev. Richard Zeile, Co-President Michigan State School Board
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Rep. Steven Johnson (R-MI.72) won an "impossible" victory 
Norm Hughes, Chair
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March 23, 2017
Breaking! No RyanCare vote today! Leadership doesn't have votes
GOP leaders delay ObamaCare replacement vote, amid opposition - Link
Michigan congressman Justin Amash, the Grand Rapids area Republican who opposes the GOP House health care reform bill, was among 30 House Freedom Caucus members who met Thursday with President Donald Trump before a vote on the legislation was delayed. on President Trump met with the more liberal Republican Tuesday Group, which includes Michigan's senior Republican, Rep. Fred Upton of St. Joseph. Article
Earlier: ObamaCare Replacement Phase I was scheduled for House vote today
See Yesterday's White House Press Conference (towards end): Link
So God made a farmer (Paul Harvey): Link   (Thanks, Marcy)
The Philosophy of Liberty: Video 8:15 minutes
Virtue and liberty exist only where there is free choice.
Self ownership. Acquiring a free society requires courage.

Wolverines: tough loss 69-68 to Oregon!
One rebound away! Thanks for the ride! Love watching these guys play?

President Trump's meeting in Detroit with 18 auto companies: Video
Gov. Snyder at minute 16:55

Trump to Snyder - "Good morning Governor, even though you 
  didn't endorse me...I never forget"  Video (Thank you Marcy and Matt)  

++ Gorsuch Hearings in 3rd day: Judge Neil Gorsuch emphasized "the importance of an independent judiciary" on Monday in opening remarks to a Senate Judiciary Committee bitterly divided over his nomination to the Supreme Court.
   "Under our Constitution, it is for this body, the people's representatives, to make new laws. For the executive to ensure those laws are faithfully enforced. And for neutral and independent judges to apply the law in the people's disputes," said Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's pick to fill the high court vacancy created 13 months ago by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Article   Hearings Here
Gorsuch, 49, who serves on the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is a respected, highly credentialed and conservative judge with a legal philosophy akin to Scalia's.   Day 3 hearings HERE
President's listening session on V.A, and Veteran Care: Video
To care for him who shall have borne battle, and for his widow and his orphan..
President meets with Cabinet and Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi Video
President signs S.442 enabling NASA and caring for astronauts  Video
Rep. Culberson: President Trump will be known as the father of interplanetary travel
Sen. and astronaut Bill Nelson: "We're going to Mars." Sens. Cruz and Rubio quoted.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes claims
some Trump transition messages were intercepted  Article

Press Briefing on the Budget: HERE 

++ The President's 2018 Budget reflects his promise to rebuild security and cut waste.

for a change!   

The President's 2018 Budget requests $639 billion for DOD, a $52 billion increase from the 2017 annualized CR level.
   The President states: "My Budget Blueprint for 2018:
   * provides for one of the largest increases in defense spending without increasing the debt;
   * significantly increases the budget for immigration enforcement at the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security;
   * includes additional resources for a wall on the southern border with Mexico, immigration judges, expanded detention capacity, U.S. Attorneys, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Border Patrol;
   * increases funding to address violent crime and reduces opioid abuse; and
   * puts America first by keeping more of America's hard-earned tax dollars here at home.    
   The core of my first Budget Blueprint is the rebuilding of our Nation's military without adding to our Federal deficit. There is a $54 billion increase in defense spending in 2018 that is offset by targeted reductions elsewhere. This defense funding is vital to rebuilding and preparing our Armed Forces for the future.
   We must ensure that our courageous servicemen and women have the tools they need to deter war, and when called upon to fight, do only one thing: Win.
   In these dangerous times, this public safety and national security Budget Blueprint is a message to the world-a message of American strength, security, and resolve.
   This Budget Blueprint follows through on my promise to focus on keeping Americans safe, keeping terrorists out of our country, and putting violent offenders behind bars."

   Reductions in regulations and Federal intrusion are seen many places in the budget. Here are some examples of changes that are seen in every department:

Education: Eliminates or reduces over 20 categorical programs that do not address national needs, duplicate other programs, or are more appropriately supported with State, local, or private funds while it Increases investments in public and private school choice by $1.4 billion compared to the 2017 annualized CR level, ramping up to an annual total of $20 billion, and an estimated $100 billion including matching State and local funds.
Energy - Addresses nuclear security and cleanup, while Ensures the Office of Science continues to invest in the highest priority basic science and energy research and development, Eliminates the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, the Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program, and the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program because the private sector is better positioned to finance disruptive energy research and development and to commercialize innovative technologies. Ensures the Office of Science continues to invest in the highest priority basic science and energy research and development as well as operation and maintenance of existing scientific facilities for the community at a savings of approximately $900 million. Restricts conservation and renewable energy programs to raw science where the Federal government has a unique opportunity to contribute without competing with the private sector. The Budget eliminates the Weatherization Assistance Program and the State Energy Program to reduce Federal intervention in State-level energy policy and implementation. Collectively, these changes achieve a savings of approximately $2 billion.

++ OMB Director Mulvaney: Climate Change Research 'A Waste of Your Money' - Mulvaney said  "A couple of different messages, when we talk about science and climate change - let's deal with them separately. On science, we're going to focus on the core function. There are reductions in the NIH, National Institutes of Health. Why? Because we think there's been mission creep, we think there are things outside their core function. We think there's tremendous opportunity for savings. We recommend a couple of facilities can be combined and there is cost savings from that."   More Thanks, Peggy and Lenny)

Comment: Cuts at last! The economy will come back and bring millions of new jobs. Please call Congressmen Jack Bergman, Mike Bishop, Fred Upton and others who have a say in the budget. This is the time for members of Congress to demand less pork and tighten the belt. This is a new day!

++ Killing Meals on Wheels? They are saying Trump will take lunch from 2.4 million seniors. Left-wing nut jobs are trying to create turmoil with mis-information. They will tell you cutting wasteful and fraud-ridden Community Development Block Grants will take away mom's or grand mom' s meals. It is not true. A very small fraction of these discretionary funds goes to MOW, and Fed money is a very small portion of MOW funds. If there is a cut it is because the state orders it and donors do not cover the difference. They will scream that it costs $2500 a year for 250 meals. Meal On Wheels (MOW) tells Mom how much she is expected to pay ("donate") and she does. It is about $3.50 a meal which is what the local HS cooking program asks for the costs. She is paying her own way. Not all the food is that good and they keep giving her stuff she has told them she cannot eat because of diet restrictions.
   The fact is that Trump is asking to stop or reduce wasteful state block grant programs. These are moneys without stated use. If the state decides to cut MOW instead of other more wasteful programs, that is the state's fault. Fake "news"    Article

++ Chelsea Clinton Lands New Gig As Expedia Board Member - salary reports $45k plus $250,000 in stock.  More  Will this change the way you buy travel?

++ Solar Panels Increased Emissions Of NF3 Gas 17,200 Times More Potent Than CO2. Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) is a key chemical agent used to manufacture photovoltaic cells for solar panels, suggesting government subsidies and tax credits for solar panels may be a driving factor behind the 1,057 percent in NF3 over the last 25 years. In comparison, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions only rose by about 5 percent during the same time period. More  (Thanks Mari-ann)

(Thanks, Darrin)
++ Gingrich - Comey Was Pathetic, A Good Political Hatchet Job For The Democrats - "Remember, Hillary's campaign chairman's brother is a registered foreign lobbyist who is representing one of the biggest banks in Russia. Now you certainly don't hear any talk about that, and that's certainly not a problem, and nobody would have any suggestion that the Podesta brothers were in any way tainted by Russian money, but now let's talk about allegations that are baloney."
   Gingrich says, "He has too much power to be as politically clever as he is." He depicts Comey's testimony, quoting him as saying, "I'm allowed to  tell you there's an investigation about the Russians and the Trump campaign.  I am not allowed to tell you about any investigations involving Americans who are committing felonies, eligible for up to ten years in jail, leaking secret information."
    I think Comey's performance today was incomprehensible as a matter of law enforcement but pretty good as a matter of political hatchet job on behalf of the Democrats."  More

 OPINION: On the wiretapping, Russians, DNC, Trump Tower, Flynn, etc. 
   If American security, under Obama's command, were monitoring the Russians how come it was leaked? The leak that brought down Flynn is much more serious than the fact he talked to a Russian official. Hillary and her campaign also talked to the Russians as did many members of Congress. Flynn's ultimate sin was not fully informing the V.P. about the conversation.
   It appears that the DNC was hacked and attempts to hack the RNC were not successful - but they did try. Wherever the Wiki-leaks came from - they say it was leaked from a disgruntled DNC employee, not the Russians - the information was useful for voters to better understand what was at stake. It exposed what a Clinton Administration might have looked like. No wonder the Democrats are so mad about it. They wanted to keep deceiving voters.
   In the hearing Monday Comey indicated it was their practice to brief the Administration and leaders in Congress at least quarterly, more often in highly sensitive matters. But, Comey admitted, congressional leaders were not informed until March, 2017, for the surveillance activities known in July, 2016. Comey is lying to Congress by omission if not also fact, making a mockery of the FBI and the USA Intelligence community, and is revealing how corrupt it and the Justice Department became under BHO.

++ Islamization of Paris: given privileged status as Muslins flex their power by closing streets with displays of open worship. as Christians are confined to their homes. 93% of French people believe the possibility of more terror attacks is high, and 71 percent believe the terror threat has gotten worse over the last five years.
   59 percent of people in France no longer feel safe anywhere, 69 percent feel the police are understaffed, and 88 percent believe foreigners who are sentenced to prison for serious crimes should be deported. At least 55 percent want France to get out of the European Union's open borders deal. Video   Article  (Thanks, Dennis)
How big in the might C5 Galaxy, America's largest plane? Video

++ President Trump meets with Republican Study Committee, swings votes. Video
++ Speaker Ryan's PAC buys adds against conservative Republican members: The American Action Network (AAN) has announced that it's spending $500,000 on TV ads in the districts of 30 conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus. This group is backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and is attacking House conservatives for refusing to back RyanCare, which fails to repeal Obamacare as Republicans promised.   
   Some of the members being attacked include principled leaders like Jim Jordan (R-OH), Mark Meadows (R-NC), and Dave Brat (R-VA). The ads claim that RyanCare eliminates Obamacare's mandates and will lower costs. Neither are true. (Sent Ryan your donation yet?)

++ Dan Pero, Chief of Staff to Michigan's Speaker of the House (his wife is Executive Director of the Michigan Republican Party) writes: Watching this train wreck on replace and repeal. Serious doubts anything good will happen. A conservative enough bill to make it out  of the House is DOA in the Senate. A bill that addresses the concerns of the Senate never makes
it out of the House. Starting to look like this whole health care system will come crashing down with nothing better to replace it. Biggest obstacle: everyone entitled to insurance. This is a single payer system. Which is where we will end up at some point I suspect. Maybe not now, but when the Dems win again, bank on it. The free market is no guarantee for universal insurance. 
A  pessimistic view?  President Trump met with members of Congress to hear their concerns, and they report changes have been agreed to that will fundamentally change "Obamalite" health care reform. But we do not want to pass phase one to maybe see what might be in phases II and III. Let's see the entire package.

OPINION: insurance is a distraction. It is not a right, and sometimes "self insured" is better.  Health care should be the object, not insurance. We have not met the deductibles in years. We do not extravagantly run to the hospital for every sniffle or bruise. For decades hospitals have paid no property, income, sales or other business taxes with the savings intended to care for indigents. The system worked. We all shared to make up for the breaks the hospitals got by covering their share of state, county, local and school taxes. Some hospitals double-dipped by charging paying or insured patients $50 for an aspirin and $1000 for a wrap. Now they triple dip with Medicaid Expansion. For many years now governments and health care have been the inflation busters. There is no transparency in medicine. You can't get the price of drugs until you pick them up. What do they bill insirance? None of our business? Clinics across the street might have significantly different prices and outcomes, but we cannot know that. Time for open competition and prices. Perhaps prices should be required, as they are for food at a store or restaurant, or repairs on a car. Give us a menu so we can wisely shop.

++   FBI, NFL recover Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey in Mexico. Also found was Brady's jersey from the 2015 Super Bowl. A credentialed member of the media stole them both.  Article 

Don't miss MiCPAC, Holt, Mi. 4/29.2007!

++ PROPERTY RIGHTS - Supreme Court hears precedent-setting case - The Supreme Court on Monday heard arguments in a high-stakes legal battle over a tiny waterfront lot that could affect how courts weigh whether government has illegally taken private property.  THE ISSUE IS WHO OWNS AND CONTROLS YOUR PROPERTY!
    The owners of the waterfront land in Wisconsin claim that St. Croix County, through a decades-old environmental regulation, has taken their private property without compensation. Property rights advocates and several states have leapt to their defense, arguing that the case is important for maintaining rights for landowners across the country.
   On the other side, Wisconsin and St. Croix argue that lower courts were correct in rejecting the claims. They are supported by the federal government and several other states. John Echeverria, a takings expert at Vermont Law School, said Murr v. Wisconsin could end up becoming one of the most important property rights cases ever decided by the Supreme Court. they were told they couldn't sell the property. Congress added the St. Croix River to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers program in 1972, and an ensuing county ordinance based on state regulations required a total area of at least an acre to develop. The 1975 ordinance, which required subtracting wetlands and floodplains from the total land area, meant the Murrs' vacant lot was too small to develop. The key question justices will grapple with is how courts should weigh whether an uncompensated taking of private property has occurred in violation of the Fifth Amendment...the court may say, "Why can't these poor people build their house?"
   One immediate effect of the case could be in deciding a separate pending property rights case in front of the Supreme Court. In that case, Lost Tree Village Corp. v. United States, the government asked justices to review a lower-court decision that found the government liable for $4.2 million after it denied a real estate company permits to fill in wetlands. The developer, Lost Tree Village, had argued that a coastal parcel in Florida would be worth $25,000 without the necessary permit and $4.8 million with it after being developed into a residential property.  More

NOTE: PROPERTY RIGHTS will be a significant issue at MiCPAC 2017 in Holt, Michigan, April 29, 2017.  We are flying in from Tennessee John Anthony, author and head of Sustainable Freedom Project, an expert on government restrictions, takings and regulations that limit our liberties and freedom, as unelected governmental boards and commissions creep into more and more control.

Anthony will tell us at MiCPAC2017 how HUD is forcing the breakup of communities and driving down property rights in the name of alleged economic discrimination. How dare a subdivision of 2.000 SF homes on two acre lots exclude a 960 SF home on 1/10th acre?     
   Anthony will explain how international organizations are dictating the denigration of American society and ordering the administrative control over our real, personal and intellectual property. What is Agenda 21, Agenda 2030? Are they real? Are they happening? How do we fight it? 
    Michigan's Conservative Citizens Property Rights Task Force will also report it's 1st phase findings. One example of what is happening in Michigan is TOST - a program in 10 counties and growing, that allows a health department to determine if you can sell your property and under what restrictions?   BE THERE!
John Anthon

++ Dinesh D'Souza unchained at Trinity University - on Trump, Democrats, Republicans, fascism and racism - Link

++ Trump Administration delivering on promises of America first - "The United States has been treated very, very unfairly by many countries over the years," Mr. Trump said before meeting with Merkel. "That's going to stop." Trump tweeted, "Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!"
    When President Trump pulled the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in January, he was fulfilling a campaign promise. During last year's campaign, Trump had repeatedly called the TPP a "disaster" for American workers, while ridiculing Hillary Clinton for calling it the "gold standard."
   "This wave of globalization has wiped out totally, totally our middle class," Trump said last June to blue-collar workers at a scrap yard near Pittsburgh. "It doesn't have to be this way. We can turn it around and we can turn it around fast."  More


++ Off FB
Joe Verran   - Obama paid 19%, Sanders paid 13% while Trump paid 25%. Wasn't it Obama, Clinton and Sanders that said the rich should pay their fair share? Sounds like they expect everyone else to live by what they say, not by what they do. Or maybe they are rallying so hard against him, because he will make them "pay their fair share"!  
Lynette Indiana    - Good news from New Mexico: They rescinded its Article V resolution for a balanced budget amendment. Delaware has rescinded theirs recently. In the past, 16 states have rescinded their applications. I think it's North Dakota's application that includes an 18 month expiration date. So if an Article V convention is so great and so necessary to save us, why do states rescind? It is likely that they have time to learn all the information and level heads prevail. There are good reasons why COS Project is failing.
Priscilla Miller - Love this! Today, I interviewed my grandmother for part of a research paper I'm working on for my Psychology class. When I asked her to define success in her own words, she said, "Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile."  (Priscilla will speak at MiCPAC 2017 about her book about a service dog).
Isabelle Terry - Remind yourself of these things: 1) the contempt for Trump by the Left also extends to those who voted for him. 2) their contempt for him is because he stands in the way of their access to your hard earned money (taxes). 3) their contempt for him and those who voted for him won't be sated. Ever. 4) the biggest pool of money ever created is on the backs of the American taxpayer, so it is foolhardy to think that draining the swamp would be a quiet affair. The gnashing of teeth and the hateful vitriol toward Trump and the American people are the sounds of Leftists being contained. Now. Go. Enjoy your blessed life in the USA.
Megan Edison  - Recently switched to a HD-HSA insurance plan. Today I refilled a script. It used to cost a $30 co-pay with the "your insurance saved you $180" memo on my pharmacy receipt. I was cringing at my cash pay price today. It was $14.

 April 29, 2017 MiCPAC Conference in Holt, Michigan.
This is Michigan's foremost annual gathering of conservative leaders from all branches of the movement. Cost $50 (MCU Members $40; Tables of 8 $ 350). Limited capacity. Book today! Please put in on your calendar. 
Among confirmed speakers are authors Lee Edwards (Heritage), John Anthony, President at Sustainable Freedom Lab (Obama wraps HUD in climate change Link); New Zealand's Patriot Trevor Louden, and several Michigan conservative leaders, Richard. Thompson, William Wagner and others.   Please join HERE!

Michigan News and Views
Would thousands of dollars in lobbyist paid meals effect a legislator's actions?  
The list is linked HERE
   The highest ranking member of the Senate, the chair of the House Health Policy Committee and a representative who helped lead the overhaul of state energy laws were among the top recipients of lobbyist-purchased meals last year. Lobbyists reported spending $690,681 on food and drink purchases in 2016 with 25 different state legislators. Not all such spending must be reported.
   Governmental Consultant Services Inc. was the top purchaser of disclosed food and drink for 49 different lawmakers last year, a third of the Legislature.   Governmental Consultant Services Inc.  (Link) represents companies like Auto Owners Insurance, Consumers Energy and Mejier, to name a few.
   The top target of lobbyist-purchased food was Rep. Mike Callton, a Republican from Nashville, who served as the chair of the House Health Policy Committee last year. Term limits forced Callton out of the House at the end of 2016. But in his last year in the House, he received at least $4,047 in free food and drink from lobbyists, according to their disclosures.
   The multi-client lobbying firm Governmental Consultant Services Inc. reported purchasing $1,081 worth of food and beverage for Callton. Insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, which is particularly interested in the activities of the Health Policy Committee, reported buying $832 worth of food and drink for Callton.
   Behind Callton on the list of the top free food recipients were Rep. Klint Kesto, a Republican from Commerce Twp., and Sen. Rebekah Warren, a Democrat from Ann Arbor. Article  (Thanks, Kevin) 

++ Union Rules: Ineffective Teacher's Raise is 4x That of 'Teacher Of The Year'. Recent top educator got a $400 bump, colleague rated 'ineffective' got $1,836  More

++ Public education in Michigan is broken. Even Michigan's liberal and "moderate" establishment concludes this. But Gov. Snyder's 21st Century Education Commission Report doubles down and calls for government interference and control from the womb to the grave.  The report leads with summary of poor performance by Michigan public schools e.g.: "Michigan children are falling behind. As early as fourth grade, Michiganders underperform their peers, ranking 41st on fourth grade reading performance nationally. Michigan is one of only three states that has seen a decline in fourth grade reading achievement since 2003.
   Then the report asks to increase the same lousy policy that achieves such lousy results, and recommends that the State Board of Education be appointed by the Governor or be eliminated.
    When Gov. Snyder says PreK he presumes to tell women what they can eat and do while bearing a child, and when he says PreK-20 he means that taxpayers should be on the hook for lifetime education for everyone. It is a utopian scheme anchored with a blind eye to why a collective education system stifles greatness and rewards failure. Frankly, we do not feel the Governor has a clue as to what might work, but he intends to rush there fast and with breakneck spending increases.
   The report concludes that Michigan's higher income and white students are also among the worst performing in the country ranking 48th - 7 states worse that the lower income statistics. Those among our readers that defend their home districts are most likely deceiving themselves. Maybe YOUR children are the exceptions, certainly some teachers are high quality and doing their best, but as a society we are failing.  
   Our Conservative Education Task Force has proposals of our own and will further report on the Governor's commission in future issues.   Governor's Full Report

++ Snyder opposes Trump/Ryan Health Care revisions - lobbies Congress Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is among a group of GOP governors who told congressional leaders Thursday they don't support the current version of House Republicans' replacement health care bill, urging them to give states greater authority to revise Medicaid programs they expanded.
   "It provides almost no new flexibility for states, does not ensure the resources necessary to make sure no one is left out and shifts significant new costs to states," wrote the governors, including Snyder, John Kasich of Ohio, Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas.
    All four lead states that expanded eligibility for the Medicaid health care program for the poor with federal funding under a Democratic health care law signed by former President Barack Obama. The federal government initially fully financed the expansion, but the states are gradually being forced to finance a small share of the expense under current law.
    But the House plan cuts federal Medicaid spending and would cost Michigan $530 million to maintain its Medicaid expansion program by late 2019, an amount that would   trigger its end under state law, according to a new Senate Fiscal Agency report.
   The U.S. House proposal would reduce Medicaid funding paid to the states about 25 percent. President Trump and HHS Secretary Price agree to give states more flexibility. More

Legislative Accountability!
It is OUR responsibility to know the issues and the players, and to inform others so that we Change Policies by changing public opinions!       Start HERE!

Here are some bills we are watching. Which are your highest priorities? 

++ 2017 Senate Bill 168: Raise tax on auto insurers  - Introduced by Sen. Rick Jones (R) on February 15, 2017To pay for state theft authority to revise the basis on which auto insurers are assessed (taxed) to support a government auto theft prevention authority, by also applying the assessments to commercial vehicle policies.    Text 
++ HB 4220 To Stop Extra Fees RE: "Smart Meters."  Link to Bill

++ House Bill 4251: Repeal vehicle registration tax hike  - Introduced by Democrat Rep. Scott Dianda, one of the more conservative members of the Legislature.  H.B. 4251  to repeal GOP  2015 Law

++ House Bill 4264: Increase income tax personal exemption - Introduced by Democrat leader Rep. Tim Greimel (D) on February 23, 2017 To increase the state income tax personal exemption from $4,000 to $6,000. It is noted a Republican bill is pending that would increase the exemption to $ 4,400, a savings of about
++ House Bill 4253: Accelerate vehicle trade-in "use tax on the difference" Introduced by Rep. Michael Webber (R)  To accelerate the 24-year phase-in of a 2013 law that exempted from use (and sales) tax the value of a trade-in when buying a motor vehicle, titled watercraft or recreational vehicle.

++ House Bill 4266: Exempt home use and de minimis farm sales - Introduced by Rep. Tim Kelly (R) on February 23, 2017 To exempt production of farm products on a family's homestead for consumption, trading or farm-stand sale in small quantities from licensure mandates or other state government restrictions. (Long overdue!). HB4266
We thank Mackinac Center for Public Policy for alerts on bills!  

++ New Bill That Could Repeal Common Core - Michigan would reject the Common Core State Standards, adopt Massachusetts' standards from the 2008-09 school year and give parents the right to opt their kids out of any testing if they see fit under legislation that faced mixed reviews during legislative hearings.
   The bill, sponsored by Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, and backed by 28 fellow House members, is the latest attempt to repeal the Common Core standards in Michigan. Previous efforts have faltered.  But this effort could have some momentum, given President Donald Trump is anti-Common Core and the two newly elected members of the State Board of Education - Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, and Nikki Snyder, R-Pinckney - favor repealing Common Core. More

++ Less than half "pass": Why Michigan M-STEP results are cause for concern -  Link
++ Average SAT score for Michigan students: 1001 out of 1600  In reading and writing, the average score statewide was 507.5; the math score was 493.7. The College Board, which produces the SAT, considers 480 in reading and writing and 530 in math to be the minimum necessary for a student to be considered college or career ready. Article
++ Find the scores in  Your School  
++ bill package (HB 4148 - 4157) will make the executive branch subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and create a similar records disclosure system for the state House and Senate called the Legislative Open Records Act (LORA). The package is similar to legislation that was put forth by House members in 2016 that did not have the opportunity to reach the Governor's desk before the conclusion of the 2015-16 legislative session. (Thanks, Martin)

An Invitation - A lot has transpired in the last year! Although we never thought we lost it, We have our groove back! We have renewed hope for America returning to its greatness and to traditional values. Thank YOU! Now for Michigan.... Will we work together. or be plowed under? 
    MiCPAC 2017 is provisionally titled: "Conservative Governance - our next steps." We have had MANY successful campaigns, giving us many elected officials in the legislature, county, township, school boards and city/village offices. Some officials we helped elect are doing great things. Lower ing taxes, increasing transparency, improving governance. We will meet some of them and hear some of their stories. We will discuss ethics in office and politics, and how to stay true in the face of so much temptation and pressure. We will discuss a conservative agenda in the legislature and our fundamental programs - Operation Watchdog, Projects Kirk and Friedman, and how they are designed to assure conservative governance. We will have at least one presentation on pressures the Federal government is putting on Michigan, probably the forced settlement of unvetted aliens and refugees. We have a lot to be proud of. Let's learn from it and grow!
   We are pleased to add Richard Thompson, Esq., head of the Thomas More Law Center to the speakers for MiCPAC in Holt, MI   April 29 . Richard is former Oakland County Prosecutor, succeeding L. Brooks Patterson. The Thomas More Law Center has been at the forefront of defending America against radical Islam. Among their notable successes was defending the preacher who protested the stoning of Christians at a Muslim festival in Dearborn.  Link
   Renowned as a national nonprofit public interest law firm, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The mission of the Thomas More Law Center is to: Preserve America's Judeo-Christian heritage; Defend the religious freedom of Christians; Restore time-honored moral and family values; Protect the sanctity of human life; Promote a strong national defense and a free and sovereign United States of America.  The Law Center accomplishes its mission through litigation, education, and related activities.   Web Site
   Also confirmed is Professor William Wagner, Esq., head of Salt & Light Global who will speak of ethics and politics, and apologetics. William was head of the Appellate Division in the Reagan Department of Justice, a Federal Prosecutor and Judge, then a college professor of law and the Constiution.   All will be able to discuss SCOTUS and tchang with a Justice Neil Gorcush. 

April 29, 2017  MiCPAC Conference 
The location is Capitol City Baptist School
  5100 W Willoughby Rd, Holt, MI 48842

   Saturday's  agenda will include registration and continental breakfast staring at   8AM, program starting at   9AM  continuing to 5"30 PM. The conferecnce includes the Reagan Memorial Banquet lunch. There will be a VIP reception   Friday  night   4/28/2017
   This is Michigan's foremost annual gathering of conservative leaders from all branches of the movement. Cost $50.   MCU and MCU-SE Members get a 25% discount. 
   On October 24, 2015 MCU, UpRight Michigan PAC and Unique Strategies held Campaign toolkit, a candidate and campaign school. The result was a number of local candidates and legislative candidates who won seats   November 8. They are facing the pressures and temptations of serving. At MiCPAC we will learn what they have learned, and encourage them to stay true to conservative principles. What does it take? Should YOU run? What can we do ouitside a political Party to make a huge difference? Together we can! 
   The fight is far from over. Please take a few minutes and watch this  Video
Project Kirk is designed for us to better understand the true precepts of what he called "The Permanent Things." Russell was the writer that Reagan, Goldwater, Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. and so many others read and referred to as the founder of modern conservatism. Share his wisdom with others

Kirk on The 10 Principles of Conservatism:  Link

"To the permitted brat with the permissive parents, few appetites are denied, and he grows up ignorant of the norms of human existence. Never learning in childhood that certain things exist which we ought to fear, he slides into physical maturity, bored, flabby in character, and moved by irrational impulses toward violence and defiance, the consequence of a profound disorder in personality." -- Russell Kirk,

Dr. Lee Edwards, a leading historian of American conservatism and the author or editor of 25 books, headlines MiCPAC 2017
   Dr. Lee Edwards on Dr. Russell Kirk: (Kirk's) 
  Kirk argued that conservatism as a philosophy is based on six canons, condensed here:
  1. A divine intent as well as personal conscience rules society, "forging an eternal chain of right and duty which links great and obscure, living and dead."
  2. Traditional life, as distinguished from "the narrowing uniformity and equalitarianism ... of most radical systems," is filled with variety and mystery.
  3. Civilized society requires orders and hierarchy-"if a people destroy natural distinctions among men, presently Buonaparte fills the vacuum."
  4. "Property and freedom are inseparably connected."
  5. "Man must put a control upon his will and his appetite," knowing that he is governed more by emotion than reason.
  6. "Society must alter ... but Providence is the proper instrument for change."  Read More 
Be sure you meet and hear Dr. Lee Edwards at MiCPAC 4/28-29/ 2017!

See you at MiCPAC! Apply below or at MiCPAC 2017 or at Eventbrite (fees apply) 
Return to POX 658, Oxford, Mi. 48371
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