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How CBD Helps Anxiety, How Hemp Became Illegal & Testimonials
"Anxiety & depression runs in my family's DNA, i t has devastated my siblings. We all have it and want to get it under control. I hope you will read about how CBD is helping anxiety.
Jeff did a huge amount of research on why Hemp became illegal, it is a fascinating, fun and also sad read. Fortunately, this injustice is changing. Stay Comfortably-Numb"
Jeff & Karen Watts, Nauman

Anxiety is normal and yet it can be debilitating for many, to a point that it seriously disrupts one’s life. It can become a devastating illness like it has with my sister. Anxiety and depression run in our family and I have had to battle these demons my whole life. Fortunately, I found my medicine early and decided to go with “the Plant” instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

But it turns out I was missing the most important component CBD, since I wasn’t into “smoking” Hemp! Now that my daily health regiment includes CBD, these disorders have been so much more manageable. So how does it work and how can it help you? READ MORE

So…if Hemp base CBD is so good for you…
How and Why is there a stigma surrounding Hemp?

In exploring and discovering the benefits of CBD, my biggest question has been why is it I have never heard all this before? How have we all been kept in the dark about the benefits of the cannabis plant.

The short answer….American Greed. Powerful men changing laws and public opinion to shut down competition and put money in their own pockets.

Marla (LA): " Since I began using CBD oil 4 months ago, everything feels better. It took me a while to figure out the right dosing and timing. But now that I know how much to use and when to use it, I try to mix it up a little. I use a honey stick in the morning and then a little of the oil later in the day.

My back and neck feel better and my migraines are less frequent. I also work on my feet a lot and they used to feel very achy at the end of the day.
 Everything feels better, less achy including my feet. I sleep better and my overall mood has improved." 

Barry, (OH) "My sister-in-law is severely mentally retarded, she is in her late fifties and occasionally gets quite anxious and throws a tantrum. A couple months ago we bought some CBD tea and gave it to her when she was in one of these states.
Within 15 minutes she was happy and singing. The tea really helps calm her down and she loves it."
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