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Ruby Reds Vegans is popping up again this weekend!
Our last pop-up was a hit! Thank you to all who stopped by and supported us. This photo was after a long and rewarding day (pictured: brother Marcus, Me & business partner, Furard Tate). We are popping up again this weekend in Washington, DC and Albuquerque, NM!

Swing by and listen to beautiful live jazz piano in DC or pull up for curbside service. We'll be at Culture Coffee Too and will have outdoor and indoor seating. Drop by from 11am-3pm.

Culture Coffee Too: 300 Riggs Road, NE, Washington DC 20011, on the corner of Riggs Road and 3rd Street NE. FREE parking in the Walmart parking garage.

Order in advance or onsite; we sold out last time! ORDER HERE: DC POP-UP- May 9th.
Two Albuquerque Pop-ups, 11am-3pm (both days):
May 8: Bistro Bistro,1603 4th Street, NW
May 9: Resource Brewing, 3107 Eubank, NE
Order in advance or walk up and order anytime between 11am-3pm, while supplies last. Order HERE.
House-Made Meat Ball Sub
BBQ Meatballs, Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens
Philly Cheeze Steak
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TikTok Chlorophyll Craze!
Sea moss, turmeric (golden milk), and now chlorophyll... Every few months a new superfood takes the spotlight and a buying frenzy ensues. Recently chlorophyll took the top spot due to a TikTok trend and chlorophyll has been sold out everywhere! I love the heightened attention that tried and true supplements are getting! But be sure to fully research items for yourself before adding new supplements to your routine.

Liquid chlorophyll has been one of my favorite supplements for years and its very easy to include in your supplementation routine with little to no side effects. Chlorophyll's top benefits:
  • helps build the blood by improving red blood cells
  • cleanses the blood by absorbing toxins including cancer causing aflatoxins,
  • is high in antioxidants which help prevent disease, and
  • acts as an internal body deodorant.

As we get outside again, chlorophyll can be a great addition to help keep your immune system working optimally. Of course, you get a healthy dose of chlorophyll whenever you eat or juice green vegetables, especially dark green veggies like parsley! So if you get lots of greens in your daily diet, you'll likely get adequate amounts of chlorophyll without supplementation.

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