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Civility in a Florida Real Estate Closing

There are numerous panels addressing civility in th e legal
profession and "GOT CIVILITY?" is the tag line. It's cute but kind of sad that it h as to be "a thing", especially in the transactional world of the purchase and sale of real estate.

In researching this article, I discovered that there is a Florida Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism and Civility.  Is it really that bad out there? The short answer is, yes. Since I  s tarted practicing law in Florida in 1989, I have witnessed professionalism and civility deteriorate.

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  Major Shifts in Interior Space Preferences
The typical American household isn't typical anymore. Nuclear families account for only 20 percent of buyers today, far outnumbered by singles living alone and childless couples. But many developers are still gearing single-family homes to the traditional family arrangement, says Chrysanthe Broikos, an architectural historian and curator at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. It's time to start thinking about homes and living spaces differently, she told attendees at the 2018 REALTORĀ® Broker Summit in Nashville, Tenn., this week.
How Does Homebuying Power Stack Up Across Ethnicity?
Homebuyers in 2017 were able to afford nearly three-quarters of homes available for sale during the year, according to Zillow. However, buying power was not uniform across all groups.

Distinct racial and ethnic gaps in homeownership exist nationwide, which could have long-lasting implications for future generations," said Aaron Terrazas, Senior Economist at  Zillow .
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Facebook Scans Your Messenger Conversations and Sometimes Humans Read Them

The Facebook news feed is public and Messenger is private...right? Not quite: Facebook routinely scans your Messenger conversations, and in some cases human employees may review them.

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A Home Buyer's Guide To Motivated Sellers

Home shoppers outnumber home sellers in many places. If you're a home buyer, you need every competitive advantage you can get. That's why it pays to know how to find motivated sellers and persuade them to chosose you.

The definition of "motivated seller" has changed since the depths of the housing crisis about a decade ago, when many motivated sellers were trying to avoid foreclosure. There are fewer of these desperate sellers now, but you can still find motivated sellers if you know where to look.
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Why Now Is The Best Time To Become A Landlord

As one of the oldest professions around, landlording continues to be a lucrative occupation. With  over 30% of Americans  opting to rent their home rather than buy, there is no better time than now to become a landlord.
If you are looking for a new career, or perhaps just a side hustle, investing in rental properties could be the perfect way to go.

WHAT WE HAVE BEEN UP TO ...................

This month we focused on helping out our furry ones. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay sent out a representative to discuss the different ways we as individuals or as a company can help out with volunteering or raising funds/donations. They, also, brought a little furry one, Bonnie, with them so that the staff could get some hugs and kisses. Bonnie is a 10 month old Min Pin that is up for adoption and has a sweet disposition. As you can see below, Bonnie was a hit, so much so that one of our staff members is going to adopt her.

This past month we held a professional development seminar, Unleash Your Inner Beast, presented by Tuck Taylor from Beast Athletics for a lunch n learn for our staff. Mr. Taylor gave the staff great information and insight on how to maintain a positive attitude and attain your personal and career goals.

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