Got Data? 
Do you get all the customer data you need? 

Is your broker-dealer giving you all the investment account data you need? You're already getting data about your customers from your other product partners. But are you getting your customer's investment data from your broker-dealer? 

If you don't have seamless access to your customers' investment data, you're missing out on information that can crystallize your understanding of your customers and dramatically improve your marketing strategies.

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Connie L. Gregory
SVP, Business Development
CUSO Financial Services, LP and
Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC
Got Data?   

While some BDs may offer you basic data, CFS/SPF provides all the customer data you want, customized however you want it. It's truly big data. Choose your preferred data feed:

FTP Files - Flat files with full contact information, positions, transactions, and more. With CFS/SPF, we take it a step further than other BDs, and allow you to customize the exact data fields you want. You can receive your FTP files daily, weekly, or monthly.

Web Services API - The glue that ties systems together. Our API lets you call any data you want in real time from our system. Do you have a mobile app for your customers? Use our API to let customers see their investments within your existing app with your branding. Do you use a sales system and net promoter scores? Use our API data within your systems and your employees can get a holistic view of every customer and can selectively market to them.

Use Data? Client data is powerful and there are many ways to use your data. You can create applications your clients can use to easily view their investment portfolios. At the enterprise level, use big data to better target market to your customer base. Use the predictive analytics from CFS/SPF to feed your marketing and decision support systems.

Try before you buy: Are you ready for on-demand, customized, and real-time data? Your IT team can test our Web Services API starting today using any coding language they prefer. We'll tell you more on our WebEx tour and give you complimentary access to the test platform. 

Get the data. Know your customers.
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