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August 2016
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     When you're developing critical strategic or tactical information, you know you need to turn to domain experts to gain the most accurate insight. But how best to do that? I propose an answer to that question.

     And, I offer another update on progress in neuromodulation.

Find and Engage Domain Experts    
     When you're seeking "domain knowledge" as part of a strategy, business development, M&A or licensing initiative, it's obvious that engaging domain experts will lead to the best outcome. That's the case whether you're soliciting market (buyer or seller) opinions or you are choosing a management consulting partner for assistance. Let's examine the latter case - when you're seeking to hire a consultant or consulting firm.
     My admittedly biased advice is to hire a collaborative consulting firm.  Collaborative consulting means, as a buyer of services, you make contact with an individual consultant known to collaborate with others offering complementary services to his/her own. Collaborative consultants are strongly networked with others with whom they have worked successfully, and developed mutual trust, for many years. The buyer (the client) gains the benefits of an ad hoc fit-for-purpose collaborative team of experienced consultants assembled in direct response to buyer needs. At least in my experience, clients get precisely the expertise they need in a cost- and time-efficient manner. They are generally happy with the outcome.

     You will find more detail about the benefits of collaborative consulting and the elements of competence that matter in my whitepaper: "The Power of Collaborative Consulting." Whether you are a buyer or seller of consulting services, you may find value in this proven successful business model.

Neuromodulation Marches On     
     Evidence continues to build on the clinical efficacy of neuromodulation in treating chronic pain and achieving drug-like biochemical adjustments that will lead to breakthrough treatments of intractable disease. It seems likely that neuromodulation will become widely accepted therapy and a large commercial success overall. I share just two of many recent examples of progress:
     Can you contribute to the development of these technologies and share in their commercial success? Do you have, or can you achieve, relevant market access? Are you ready?

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