Ever Get Frustrated With Your People?

Are Performance, Productivity or Compliance

issues taking too much of your time? 

If so, Alternative HR can help!

Our experienced staff is able to remove some of the burden from you and your leadership team so you can focus on
growing your business!

Why Do Our Clients Appreciate Our Pr0fessional Human Resource Support?
  1. Decreased Turnover
  2. Increased Morale & Engagement
  3. More Effective Teamwork
  4. Improved Productivity
  5. Greater Profitability AND.....
  6. Fewer Headaches!

To find out how we can save you money and eliminate frustrations, view our website and then give us a call at 605.335.8198!

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

“I received very positive feedback on the training that Alternative HR conducted. A number of administrators commented that they have never had that type of training opportunity, so I think it was definitely worth doing.”

Robert Griggs


Southeast Technical College

Sioux Falls, SD

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