"Love is in the air within my department. How do I handle this?" 
You have noticed the flirting. It was pretty subtle at first but now it seems more obvious. Two employees have started showing up together almost every morning and they go out for lunch almost every day. Their relationship is like a storm cloud on your horizon. Do they know that when they break up it is going to be terribly awkward for everyone in the office (not to mention the two of them)? And now they are in the lovey-dovey phase. What do you do if cupid strikes in your department?
 Step #1 
The easy answer is to do nothing thinking it will most likely end on its own. Manage as you have always done and ignore the romance. If their relationship is not affecting their judgement, credibility, or work, leaving it alone is probably appropriate. However, there are some things to consider if the relationship should go south!

What happens if the relationship ends badly and one of the parties decides to claim sexual harassment?

If the two employees are at different levels in the company, then favoritism (or the appearance of favoritism) could become an issue.

Step #2
In some instances, you may want to obtain a signed statement from both parties acknowledging that the relationship is consensual. If the relationship is causing issues within the department and the couple has made their relationship public, you can visit with them together. If not. visit with them individually. Talk privately, candidly and respectfully about how their behavior is impacting the workplace.  

Best Solution! 
Call Alternative HRD! 
There are more consequences than you might realize when cupid strikes in an office setting. Our team can work with you to assure you have clear policies, that best fit your culture and climate, for how to handle romantic relationships in the workplace. Written policies should prohibit sexual harassment and encourage and promote workplace operations and morale. 
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