Another Good Employee Just Gave Their Notice!

It is Friday afternoon and one of your employees asks for a private meeting. Before you even close the door, they tell you they found another job and are leaving the company. They are a valuable employee and you hate to lose them. How should you respond? Do you show them the door now or counter offer and hope they stay? How will you cover their responsibilities? How will you make sure that the rest of your team isn’t overburdened when they leave? And, most importantly, how will you assure the rest of your team stays?
 Step #1: Find Out Why
It is important to try to “understand the why” behind the employee’s decision so you know how to move forward. Sometimes the person simply got a better offer and their mind is made up. But, occasionally, you can discover new information that will help you construct a solution. You may, for instance, learn that they are resigning for personal reasons: Their spouse is maybe being transferred to a new city or they need more time to care for an aging parent. In these circumstances you could offer alternatives. Perhaps they can work remotely or take an unpaid leave of absence. You can make the suggestions because the employee might not have thought about it before. Or you may discover that the employee is unhappy with things in the department. This is your opportunity to listen and gather as much information as you can so you are able to determine if these are isolated concerns or perhaps concerns of the entire team. 

Step #2: Develop a Hiring Plan
It is difficult to lose good employees, especially for small businesses where they have even fewer employees to begin with. Losing just one individual can be very detrimental. In the event you are unable to retain the employee, take what you learned and move on. It is now time to coordinate with human resources and come up with a plan to hire, and a plan to keep others from leaving!

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W-2 Forms
According to the Internal Revenue Service, W-2 forms should be mailed out to employees by no later than  January 31, 2020  for forms derived from the previous calendar year. While employees may not receive them in the mail on this date, they must, at the very least, be sent out at this point.

ACA Reporting
The IRS announced that the deadline to provide employees with the  Form 1095-B  has been delayed from January 31, 2020 to  March 2, 2020 . The forms, which outline employer-provided medical benefits, must be submitted annually by businesses with  50 or more full-time workers . The IRS uses these reports to track employer compliance.While the penalty for individuals not having insurance has been repealed with last year's  tax reform  law, employer mandate penalties remain in full effect for businesses.

EEO-1 Report
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced that the deadline for filing the 2019 EEO-1 report is  March 31, 2020 .The Act mandates that employers report on the racial/ethnic and gender composition of their workforce by specific job categories. Federal regulations require that all employers in the private sector with  100  or more employees, and federal contractors and subcontractors with  50  or more employees and a federal contract or subcontract amounting to $50,000 or more, file the EEO-1 report annually.
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