We heard you've been cleaning out closets...
Dear Friends,

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home. I f you are using some of that time cleaning and organizing these days and come across old photos of Nobska we’d love to see them. Just snap a picture of your original with your phone or scan it.

Speaking of housekeeping, here's a little lighthouse (keeping) history...

Civilian lighthouse keepers and their families historically not only had to keep the lighthouse and aids to navigation ready for unannounced inspections at any time, but their houses could be inspected at any time and had to be kept to a rigorous set of standards. One lighthouse keeper's daughter remembered her mother drawing a line at the inspector opening their refrigerator. Her mother had purchased the appliance and felt that because it wasn't provided by the Lighthouse Service it shouldn't be opened for inspection. 

Please enjoy examples of lighthouse memorabilia that has been shared with us, below. If you have any photos, documents or historic information about Nobska Light, please contact us at info@FriendsofNobska.org .
This old postcard of Nobska Light was sent to us recently. See inscription on back to the right.
This slightly inaccurate inscription is on the back of the postcard. The first lighthouse at Nobska Point was built in 1829. The lighthouse we enjoy today (and pictured here) was built in 1876.
This photo of Gay Head Light taken in 1946 was found in our Executive Director's family collection...just proving you never know what you might find!

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