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I've Got a Marine in the Making T-Shirts
Poolee or Recruit in the family? Share your pride!
Tell everyone you've got a "Marine in the Making!" with this great shirt!  And you can customize the back if you'de like!

On Sale this weekend!

Travel Mug I've got a Marine in the Making 
Our newest travel mug is on sale this weekend for $14.95. Add custom text to the back for an additional $5.00! Click here...


 Thank you for shopping at the EGA Shop, where your dollars go back to support U.S. Marines and their families through the outreach programs of MarineParents.com!

Summer Time is
Recruit Training Time!

Rally Towels for Graduations
Rally Towels for the Recruit Moto Run on family day.
Did your son or daughter recently leave for boot camp? This is the EGA Shop Promo Weekend for you! Whether your loved one has just started the journey or is ready to graduate, we've got the clothing, and keepsakes you want on sale this weekend!

No coupon necessary. Sale prices are reflected on each item we've got on sale this weekend.  Click your category to shop:
It's a Marine Thing Doormat 
Customize a doormat that you can use before, during and after boot camp! The yellow footprints are a MARINE THING!  Click here to customize your family doormat. 

My daughter is a Marine in the Making Women in the Marine Corps:
 A woman in the Marine Corps is NOT a female Marine, she is a Marine. Have you got a daughter in recruit training? Then this mug is for you!  Select "My daughter is a Marine in the making" when placing your order. Click here...

Graduation T-Shirts On Sale!
Clothing Hats and Bags for Marine Corps families
Auto, Car & Truck

Gifts and Novelties for Marines and Marine Corps Families
Auto, Car & Truck
Boot Camp Graduations
during deployment

Clothing Hats and Bags for Marine Corps families
Auto, Car & Truck
Marine Corps Books, CDs, DVDs and Maps
USMC Mugs and Drinkware

Marine Family Network
Looking for a place to connect and share? Come in and pull up a chair. You're home!
www.MarineFamilyNetwork.com is an outreach program of Marine Parents.

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