August 2017   
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"Scout, the Green Racoon," "Wiser the Minimizer," and "Waste Pro Man" are all mascots that help deliver messages about solid waste management to their communities. 

Last week in San Diego, the California Resource Recovery Association conference I attended included a session entitled, Empathy Magnets: The Power of Mascots. Speaker Kas Neteler said, "Mascots have the power to attract and engage people and make them care about issues such as recycling, waste, or water quality." She described using mascots as a way "to warm up your message and appeal to hearts and minds."

Engaging hearts and minds helps education efforts lead to implementation. Our programs are only as successful as their participation rates, and getting residents engaged requires education. There is a large toolbox of ideas ---- including a mascot! ---- that can help deliver your program's message to your community. We would love to help in your education efforts. Please give me a call.

Keep recycling!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Scout, the Green Racoon: a Hometown Hero!
Photo courtesy of New Braunfels.
Our client, the City of New Braunfels Public Works, was one of the communities featured in a recent  Waste Dive article about recycling mascots. 

"Thanks to Scout, we get more calls asking us to give presentations in the community, including at the elementary schools and the library," said Catelyn Scholwinski, Recycling Coordinator for the City of New Braunfels. "We wanted to reach our younger community members and families. Scout helps us to interact with them in a way that holds their interest."

Most recently, New Braunfels developed an educational activity book about waste reduction and recycling featuring Scout, the Green Racoon. He has become a hometown hero for his dedication to reducing waste and encouraging recycling!

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