Did you know that Mi Vida Yoga has 2 studios? Taking classes in our main studio is not your only option! Our room temperature bulding is 2 doors North of the main studio and is a great place to come to one of our amazing workshops, take a yoga class, or partake in some educational classes. We invite you to join us as a community with all that we offer at Mi Vida Yoga!

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with the Heather's

Saturday, April 23rd @ 5pm-7pm


Join the two Heathers for another Paint and Yoga Experience. This month we will be starting our Chakra series with a Zentangle art piece focusing on the Third Eys Chakra. Heather Smelser will lead us through a gentle 30 minute all-levels yoga flow with poses that activate this master Chakra. After we activate the Third Eye, Heather Blair will guide us though the Zentangle art experience. 2 hours of Yoga and Art Fun!!!!

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Saturday, April 30th @ 11am-1:00pm

Heated Yin Extended Practice


Heated Yin takes the practice of Yin and adds 95+ degrees to the room. The addition of the heat and extra class time allows for a deeper dive into and through the fascia and muscles.  Extended time in each shape ranges from 3-5 minutes to 5-7 minutes. Yin specific pranayama/breath work will start off the practice and be woven throughout finding space in both the active practice and restoring cool down.  Awaken from a longer savasana with cool peppermint wash clothes feeling lengthened, deeply rested, and grounded in a deep sense of being. 


•90 min

•95+ degrees (hot studio)

•Traditional active passive yin practice drawing from the yin yoga lineages of Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark

•Hydrating refreshments after class

•Yoga blanket or large towel required* 


•Saturday April 30th 


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Essential Oils for Allergy relief

Did you know you can use a blend of 3 oils to help give you relief from your allergies? Lemon, lavander, and pepermint combined together help ease congestion and runny eyes and nose. You can put 2 drops of each in your diffuser or place 2 drops of each in a shot glass of water for an allegy "shot". Make sure to use high quality oils like Doterra to ensure safety. Low quality oils contain petrochemicals and additives that are unhealthy.

Pick up your trio of oils at the front desk this week or click here to purchase online!


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New Schedule Comming May 1st!

Keep an eye out for more room temperature classes and Park Yoga to adjust to the warming weather.

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