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Dear Friends,
Since many of you have been concerned about the victims and the outcome, I'd like to share with you a report I received this morning pertaining to Bill Gothard's victims and the lawsuit he filed against them:
"The plaintiffs in the the almost 5-year-long legal battle against Bill Gothard finally have some relief. The allegations of plaintiffs (spanning 3 decades) against Gothard included sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape. After an incredibly difficult 3 years in litigation, a counter-suit threatened by Gothard and the struggle with the statutes of limitation, the plaintiffs decided to dismiss their lawsuit in 2018. Gothard immediately retaliated against them by first threatening sanctions if they did not publicly recant their allegations and be "Biblically reconciled" to him. When all plaintiffs refused his demands, he filed sanctions on 7 of them, asking the court to fine them over $200K for filing a "frivolous" lawsuit against him.
The judge of the circuit court in DuPage County, IL, firmly ruled against Gothard and validated the plaintiffs and their reasons for the lawsuit. A month later, Gothard asked him to reconsider his ruling. The judge denied his motion.  
Gothard then took his case to the appellate court. On March 11, 2020, the appellate court also firmly denied Gothard's motion. There was a rumor of Gothard pushing his case even further to the Illinois Supreme Court. However, the deadline passed and he finally dropped it.  
With this, the plaintiffs (who say they represent dozens more victims of Gothard) can finally exhale and know that they stood strong and brave for the truth to be known.  
The plaintiffs have expressed their deep gratitude for The Hope of Survivors. One wrote, "Samantha has been personally supportive to many of us and the fund that THOS established enabled us to pay for legal and travel expenses during one of the most difficult times of their lives. We know many people donated to this fund who didn't even personally know us and it humbles us with gratitude. THOS was a God-send to us and we will forever be grateful for this organization." 
Thank you so much for helping these victims the way you did through your prayers and support! Glory to God for His clear vindication and defense of His precious children! 

God bless you,
Samantha Nelson