Dear MCAR member:

Governor Gavin Newsom and the DRE have released updated industry guidance. Please take some time to review these as we enter stage two in the COVID-19 Reslience Roadmap. Please note, County Health Department orders are not superceded by these guidelines. MCAR will continue dialogues with County officials and share updates with you as soon as possible.

Please also see the video below from MLSListings regarding virtual showings. While in-person showings are now allowed as long as Health Department guidelines are followed, bear in mind some may still want to use virtual showings, as this is the only real way to eliminate the chance of infection.

Thank you,

Governor Gavin Newsom today released updated industry guidance to begin reopening with modifications that reduce risk and establish a safer environment for workers and customers. This guidance includes, among other things, information pertaining to real estate transactions.
The Department of Real Estate advises all licensees to review the newly posted "COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Real Estate Transactions" and "COVID-19 General Checklist for Real Estate Transactions" found in the links below.