Governor Reeves Announces New Chair of the State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB)

On Thursday, Governor Reeves tapped Patrick Sullivan to Chair our State Workforce Development Board (SWIB). The core function of the SWIB is to work with the public and private sectors to conceive and carry out the state’s a strategic workforce development plan for the state. At a time when Mississippi is facing some of our toughest workforce struggles in recent memory, it is crucial to have strong leadership at the SWIB.

Patrick Sullivan is currently President of the Mississippi Energy Institute and The Skills Foundation of Mississippi and previously worked for Governor Haley Barbour in his administration. The MMA has worked closely with Patrick over the years and believes that he has the knowledge and skills to lead our workforce development efforts.
OSHA Reverses Recordability Requirements

OSHA has announced that employers will have to record positive COVID-19 cases for OSHA record keeping purposes if it is determined that the employee contracted it during normal work activities. This is a reversal from previous enforcement policy and will force businesses to make the difficult determination whether an employee contracted COVID-19 at work. MMA will continue to work with the NAM to push for liability protections to ensure manufacturers that take necessary steps to stop the spread at their facilities are not needlessly punished or impacted by bad-faith litigation. OSHA’s new policy goes into effect May 26.
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