Gov. Wolf Signs Emergency Declaration, Activates PEMA Response Team as Tensions Grow across Pa.
As protests continue across the country over the death of George Floyd , Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed an emergency declaration intended to provide support to Pennsylvania municipalities faced with growing tensions and escalating confrontations between law enforcement and protestors.
The Wolf administration issued the declaration this weekend, and announced that the state's Commonwealth Response Coordination Center , already activated at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) for the state’s COVID-19 response, is maintaining "situational awareness of the protests taking place in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and other parts of the state."

The governor said that his administration remains in constant communication with counties , offering whatever assistance is needed to keep communities be safe and allow for peaceful protests to continue.
George Floyd died while in police custody, which has sparked protests across the country against injustice and excessive use of force that many believe disproportionately impact people and communities of color. An officer was charged with third-degree murder in the case, but peaceful protests in many communities have turned violent, with tensions rising throughout the U.S. over the weekend. Gov. Wolf made an appeal to all Pennsylvanians to end the violence that has eclipsed the peaceful protests which began following George Floyd's death.
Daily COVID-19 update for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported 356 new positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 statewide on Monday, bringing the state total to 72,282. In addition, 5,567 Pennsylvanians have died from complications from the virus. To date, there have been nearly 390,000 negative cases across the state.

Daily COVID-19 update for Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health reported 35,984 cumulative cases of COVID-19 and 2,206 deaths, including probable cases, by Monday afternoon. There have been 6,112 hospitalizations and 1,569 ICU admissions.
Other News...
Gov. Wolf says Pa. schools will reopen in the fall, barring major setback. Gov. Tom Wolf said on Friday that barring any major setback, schools throughout the Commonwealth will reopen in the fall. The governor said there may be an emphasis on online instruction and reduced class sizes, but without a significant "disaster" by September, schools will open. Official guidance on the reopening of schools may come as early as this week, according to the governor.

Pa.'s primary election on Tues. will be a significant test for the election officials. Pennsylvania's primary election is Tuesday, and it faces a significant test about operating an election amid a global pandemic. With the primary already delayed by two months due to the virus, voters will be faced with consolidated polling places, higher demand for mail-in ballots and a "new normal" as it pertains to how elections are conducted.

Delaware County close to opening its own health department. Over the weekend, Delaware County officials announced that progress continues toward the establishment of a dedicated health department for the county, with a target for opening by the end of 2021. County officials released a timeline of events scheduled along the path reaching that milestone, even as they have had to deal with the crisis surrounding COVID-19.

Appeal deadlines for annual real estate assessments fast approaching across Pa. Deadlines to submit an annual assessment appeal for assessed values of commercial or industrial real estate are quickly approaching, with several counties' deadlines coming as early as Aug. 1. In the latest McNees PA Tax Blog, attorney Paul Morcom outlines the upcoming deadlines for all Pennsylvania counties, as each county has its own separate set of local rules pertaining to assessment appeals.
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