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Tifton, Georgia
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Gov. Brian P. Kemp on Wednesday extended Georgia’s shelter-in-place order through April 30 as Tifton officials are told that some local businesses are not following guidelines to curb COVID-19.

In a post on social media, Tifton Mayor Julie Smith said that she has received "numerous messages, videos, texts from you about your disdain that many local non-essential businesses are opening and asking me to do something about it. I have asked them not to open, but they’ve chosen to do so anyway. They see the governor's executive order as reason to do so ," Smith wrote.

"The State Patrol and sheriff are the ones who can enforce the order . If you have concerns please call 911 . I have kindly asked that all non-essential businesses close . The EO ( executive order ) overrides that . All I can say is, please stay home ," said Smith .

"The EO says we are to stay home for all but the most essential of travel . As long as you comply with that, then these businesses will get the message . They will only remain open if you choose to support their efforts. While I appreciate and support local small business (I am one, myself) I support and appreciate our local medical community more at this time," Smith wrote. " Please, stay home ."

Kemp extended the stay-at-home order through April while also extending the state's public health emergency through May 13 , allowing him authority to take other emergency actions later if necessary. The governor also placed more restrictions on the state's senior-care facilities , which have had more than 80 deaths from the coronavirus .

All senior-care facilities must ban most visitors , provide in-room dining for residents and screen all residents and workers for symptoms of the virus.

As of Thursday night , the Ga. Department of Public Health reported 10,885 cases of COVID-19 in Georgia with 412 deaths. Dougherty County continues to lead the state with 66 deaths; the county has 1,042 confirmed cases.

Tift County has 55 confirmed cases and one death of a Tift County resident . The Southwell health system, which includes Tift Regional Medical Center, reported 135 positive cases with 13 patients recovered . The health system reported five deaths .
Tifton Grapevine
This is a holy week for Christendom as well as for Judaism ; the Easter holy week and Passover are concurrent this year.

As millions around the world observe these significant religious events, all of us find ourselves coping with (what we hope is) a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic . Tens of thousands of people have died worldwide from the novel coronavirus . We are told to stay home , go out only if necessary and if then, to wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from others – and to wash our hands constantly.

Here in the Tiftarea , we find ourselves sequestered at home and praying for our neighbors , our local medical professionals and the entire hospital staffs who are dealing with life-and-death situations daily.

It is very easy to fall into a funk and feel worried, anxious and depressed . The news is bad as well as sad ; we cannot go out and do our usual activities ; we cannot visit our friends and loved ones who are apart from us.

But the situation need not be dire . Our perspective can change our world . Look at the positives in our lives. Be thankful if you have your health . Be thankful if you have a meal on your table. Be thankful that someone else cares about you.

Be thankful that most of us have this opportunity to slow down from our busy day-to-day schedules to spend time with our families , to notice the change of the season , to see the leaves budding, and the flowers growing, and to hear the birds chirping in our yard.

In this holy week , be thankful for all that is truly important . Take time to think ; take time to pray ; take time to show gratitude .

There is much beyond our control – we cannot force the virus to disappear any more than we can stop another day from dawning – but there is also much within our control . We can decide how to face each day . We decide whether or not to be happy . We decide whether or not to let individuals and circumstances make us angry or sad .

We have more control than we sometimes realize . Still, the world will change yet again , for change is a constant in life. We cannot predict that today will be like yesterday or what tomorrow may bring .

But we can begin each day with hope and humility , and with the knowledge everlasting that " God's work on Earth is truly our own ."
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College has cancelled its physical graduation ceremony for the spring but is planning a virtual one , President David Bridges announced this week in a video message .

" Unfortunately , we had to cancel the face-to-face commencement exercise, but we're going to provide you an opportunity with a virtual commencement on May 7 , 2020, that will celebrate the achievements you've had since you've been at ABAC," Bridges said.

"We acknowledge it won't be the same . But through the hard work of our media team , we've put together a program that we think will recognize you individually , calling your name and letting your family members and friends celebrate your achievements while at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College .

" We hope you will enjoy it, watch it as many times as you'd like , and we'll see you soon."

Dr. Jerry Baker , provost and vice president for academic affairs, said while ABAC realizes the " non-traditional virtual graduation ceremony ... is not ideal , we hope it will make your graduation day memorable ."

Baker said the ceremony will include graduates from all ABAC locations regardless of whether or not they originally planned to participate in the ceremony. To be included , Baker said graduating students need to contact their advisor to submit a graduation application before the April 14 deadline.

For Bridges' message , Click Here!
S outhern Regional Technical College 's School of Health Sciences this week delivered medical supplies to the  Georgia Emergency Management Agency  (GEMA) for use in the fight against COVID-19 .

In total, SRTC donated 920 N95 masks , 88,350 pairs of gloves , and other vital medical supplies .

Health Sciences faculty members worked together to collect the supplies from the college's Tifton, Bainbridge, Moultrie , and Thomasville campuses.

Members of SRTC's security team at each location helped load the supplies, and the CDL program mobilized to provide transportation for the life-saving supplies.
The Kiwanis Club of Tifton is collecting homemade face masks to be delivered to the elderly and other local residents .

The project is in response to the federal recommendation that each individual wear a face mask when out in public because of the coronavirus .  

Bags containing masks should be labelled Kiwanis Club/ Renae Woods and dropped off at Tifton's Hilton Garden Inn front desk. 

When there is a sufficient supply, Kiwanis Club members will deliver them to residences with no personal or physical contact with residents.

Face masks will be placed in plastic or paper lunch bags for delivery with a note reminding the recipient to wash the mask before wearing .

For information on how to make a mask, Click Here!
Approximately 1,750 local families received free boxes of food Thursday from Second Harvest of South Georgia. The drive-up food distribution was at the Ga. Museum of Agriculture.

On a first-come/first-served basis, each vehicle received a box of non-perishable food along with fresh fruit and vegetables . The Georgia State Defense Force helped to distribute the food; Tifton Police and the ABAC police force handled traffic control.

Second Harvest of South Georgia , a member of  Feeding America , has been working to combat  hunger  in the  region  for more than  two decades . The organization has recently been distributing food boxes in counties throughout the area as some families have found themselves in unfamiliar circumstances .
The dogs pictured here are among several animals recently rescued by Tift County Animal Control . If this is your pet, please call the animal shelter to claim, 229-382-PETS (7387).
Pets of the Week are sponsored by:
Branch’s Veterinary Clinic
205 Belmont Ave., Tifton, 229-382-6055   
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