Governance Issues TM
Volume 2019, No. 1
February 11, 2019
In This Issue
This edition is all about data and proactively addressing cyber risks. Our first article is a continuation of Ron Kral’s recent article entitled Governing Cybersecurity . It offers sound ideas to secure more cost-effective cyber insurance and protect against adverse litigation. Our second article imagines potential superpowers for data analysts. Now that should spark your interest as we are all data analysts to some extent. 

Finally, did you know that KU offers services to address your technology and data effectiveness needs. We include a link to our IT Services flyer.
Despite the increased attention and investment, the cyber risk landscape has only broadened with more and more breaches being publicized.
By Pete Nassos
 CPA, CISSP, CPCU, SOC for Cybersecurity
Company boards are recognizing the need for increased independent oversight of cyber risks and managements’ response plans due to increasing exposures.
Imagine that you are a data analyst or analytics specialist who works for an organization that does not appreciate the power of data analytics to improve an organization’s performance. If you could have one superpower, what types of powers might capture the attention of your co-workers, managers, executives, and even competitors?
Will Hollywood create a blockbuster film about analysts with superpowers? Maybe someone out there with a crystal ball can let us know.
Although we are a public accounting firm, we offer much more than a traditional CPA firm. This includes a wide array of IT services, from cybersecurity awareness training to disaster recovery and regulatory compliance. Download our IT services flyer.
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