The latest edition of Global Governance Voice, the e-magazine of the Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA) is now available to view and download at .

This new edition contains the latest updates from CSIA member associations as well as thought provoking articles covering topics including:

  • Tolerance of Environmental Harm
  • Climate Change Risk Disclosure
  • Careers in the Not-for-profit Sector
  • COVID-19 in the (Remote) Boardroom: Practices & Tips
  • Conflicts of Interest Best Practice
  • Widening Scope and Relevance of Governance
  • Gender Diversity

As a member of CSIA, GPC, retains an active role in the CSIA’s efforts to advance the recognition and understanding of the practice of corporate secretaryship and the role of the Corporate Secretary, and improve global governance standards.

We therefore encourage you to take some time to read GGV and discover more about how the corporate secretary role is developing for your colleagues around the world - the challenges that they are facing, and the lessons that are being learnt.