CSIA (Corporate Secretary International Association) and PwC have collaborated on a research project to explore how climate change is managed in different jurisdictions across the globe, but will focus specifically on the role of the corporate secretary and governance professional in driving climate change in organisations. The project aims to get an understanding of the regulatory environment and the extent to which the guidance provided has been adopted by corporates, as well as the awareness of climate change within corporates and the measures they have taken to ensure that accountability is allocated and sufficient capacity exists to embed climate change in corporate cultures.

The research will be conducted using an electronic questionnaire and participants will be requested to complete the survey on their experiences with climate change in their organisations. Please see the link to the survey below:

Please click on the link to complete and submit the survey.

The results of the survey will be analysed and a research report will be drafted which will be made available to all CSIA members, including GPC, and stakeholders for further distribution to the global governance community.

It is anticipated that this report will not only raise awareness of the impact of climate change on organisations and the related risks and opportunities that it presents, but will highlight the critical role played by the corporate secretary as a governance professional in driving climate change in organisations.

To this end, CSIA members are kindly requested to distribute the survey link to their members and stakeholders and respondents are requested to submit their survey responses by 31 July 2020.