MCC Governing Board Nominating Committee
Greetings from the 2018–2019 MCC Governing Board Nominating Committee (GBNC)! It is an honor to serve our denomination in this capacity. We are tasked with preparing a slate of Governing Board candidates for the election to be held at the 2019 General Conference; and we take on this responsibility seriously.

Our success depends in part on you. The next members of the Governing Board are in your churches, ministries, connections, and affiliations, and the GBNC needs your help to find them. When the nomination period opens, we invite you to nominate qualified individuals for consideration.

We have established an email address to receive feedback and questions regarding our work. That email address is  GBNC@MCCchurch.net . We welcome your input as we embark on this task, and will be glad to answer questions about procedure and timeline. (For your information, the timeline for our work is included below.) Do keep in mind, however, we cannot answer confidential questions about our ongoing work (i.e., such as whether a particular person has been nominated, etc.), nor can we answer questions sent to individual members of the GBNC.

Finally, we ask that you join us in continued prayer for our denomination and for the work of both the GBNC and the Moderator Nominating Committee.

In Christ’s Service,

Governing Board Nominating Committee
Rev. Tijuana Gray, Chair, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Leo Rossetti, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Terry White, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA

Meet the GBNC: http://bit.ly/2z4cyOp
Metropolitan Community Churches
Governing Board Nominating Committee Timeline
GBNC orientation with Consultant
and Governance Chair
July/early August 2018
Team building meetings
Timetable finalized and published
August - mid-October 2018
Preparation of nomination packet
Initial preparation for interview process
October 2018
GB Nomination period open
19 November 2018 - 19 January 2019
Selection of GB candidates for interview
20-31 January 2019
Candidate interviews with GBNC
February 2019
Evaluation of candidates and
selection of slate
Early March 2019
Inform Governing Board of slate
15 March 2019
Presentation of the slate of GB candidates
29 March 2019
Additional publicity for GB Candidates
May – June 2019
Election of new members to the
Governing Board
July 2019 at General Conference
GBNC disbanded
July 2019 at General Conference
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