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Elevate’s Critical Issues Luncheon Series
Join us for September’s Critical Issues Luncheon! On September 2 we invite our local experts across local governments and service providers to share the latest knowledge and best practices, develop business, and foster partnerships.

As Rapid City and the Black Hills region continue to grow, infrastructure availability will be a determining factor in how and where development occurs. Join us to discuss the importance of strategic infrastructure planning and development.
Those joining the panel will be:
  • Brandon Lance, MDU
  • Robert Raker, West River Electric Association
  • Chris Karn, Vast Broadband
  • Dale Tech, City of Rapid City
  • Nicole Schneider, City of Box Elder
During this forum, the panelists will touch on the following:
  • The impact of infrastructure development on housing costs and commercial inventory/economic development.
  • What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for continued infrastructure and community development.
  • Why strategic planning and community partnerships are the keys to success.
  • What tools are currently available for infrastructure development.
  • How are current infrastructure development practices impacting communities.
End-of-summer Legislative Activity
August 30 // 9:00 AM MDT – Tune in below!

The recently published 2020 U.S. Census data shows that the South Dakota’s population increased by 72,487 since 2010. The state’s population was 814,180 in 2010. The population in 2020 is 886,667.

Pennington County gained about 9,000 people as the population was 100,948 in 2010 and 109,222 in 2020. The release of these numbers spurs the redistricting process across the nation. Local and state governments can now begin drawing the next set of government district maps across South Dakota. State lawmakers will draw new district lines for the state’s legislative districts to be approved by December 1. The maps will be in effect for 10 years after they are drawn.
August 31 // 2:00 PM MDT – Tune in!

This committee hearing is the first step in understand the legal uses of federal COVID-19 support dollars. South Dakota received $1.25 billion in the recent American Rescue Plan Act and state leaders have until December 31, 2024 to spend the dollars.

An easy answer would be to offset taxes for SD citizens, but the federal government has explicitly directed that these funds cannot directly or indirectly offset a reduction in the net tax revenue of the State. For more information about the guidance we do have for spending the money, refer to SDLRC’s resource.

Until we have more detail, this committee will walk through the state’s guidance on use of state and local fiscal recovery funds and the applicability of state and local fiscal recovery funds to water and sewer projects, which is one of the popular ideas for spending the funds.
September 1 // 7:30 AM MDT – Tune in!

September 1 // 12:30 PM MDT – Tune in!
September 13 // 8:00 AM MDT – Tune in!

This meeting will conclude the legislative interim study committee on South Dakota’s housing needs. This group of legislators has worked hard to build a comprehensive study that includes stakeholders across the entire state and with various expertise and housing-related priorities.

Elevate looks forward to this final meeting where legislative bills and program changes will be proposed and discussed for hopeful consideration in the 2022 Session. 
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