February 7, 2020

This Week in Illinois 

The House and Senate both canceled session on Thursday, February 6th. Both Chambers will return on Tuesday, February 18th. 

Statewide Broadband Expansion    
Governor Pritzker  held a  press conference  on Wednesday announcing the  state is releasing the first $50 million in funding for matching grants of Connect Illinois, the state's $420 million statewide broadband expansion.   This expansion is part of the Rebuild Illinois  capital plan.   
The program is designed to provide  high-speed internet to areas of the state that are currently underserved.  Applicants will likely include internet service providers, rural cooperatives, nonprofits and local governments.  Applicants are required to at least match any state funding they receive.  The ambitious goal of the program is to provide  universal access to broadband to all homes and businesses by 2024. The program was praised by legislators on both sides of the aisle.   

Veto Override 
For the first time in Governor Pritzker's tenure, the General Assembly overrode a veto. Both the House and Senate overwhelmingly voted to override the veto of HB 3902
(Bristow/Crowe) with only one lawmaker siding with the Governor.  HB 3902  reinstates a tax break for private jet maintenance companies. The law applies to as many as 14 facilities throughout the state which employ more than 3,500 highly paid workers.The Illinois Chamber lobbied in support of  HB 3902.  For more information, see the article linked below.  
Key Legislation 

  • HB3902 (Bristow/Crowe) - the Governor's veto of this legislation was overridden in the Senate today. The Vote total was 54-1-0 with the only nay vote by appointed Senator Patrick Joyce. The bill concerns taxes for aviation repair companies. The Chamber supports this legislation and veto override. This is the first time either chamber has voted to override Governor Pritzker's veto.
  • SB2499 (Manar) - has passed out of the Senate Human Services committee unanimously and has been placed on the calendar for a second reading. Under this bill the Illinois Medical Assistance Program will provide coverage for routine care costs accumulated during an approved clinical trial if the program would provide coverage for the same care costs if they had not been incurred in a clinical trial. The Chamber has concerns about this legislation.
  • SB 2564, SB 2565 (Oberweis) seek to  once again increase the speed limit. 
  • SB 2978 (Cunningham) would allow all municipalities statewide to impose a motor fuel tax. Currently, this is limited to municipalities in Cook County.  
  • HB322 (McSweeney) - was passed out of the House Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee with an attendance roll call vote and has been placed on the calendar for a second reading. This bill prohibits the use or establishment of automated traffic law enforcement systems (red-light cameras) for the purpose of enforcing violations. 
  • HB4138 (Morgan) - has been referred to the income tax subcommittee. This bill creates the Phase Out Corporate Giveaways Interstate Compact. This establishes that each member state will not offer company-specific tax incentives or grants for the purpose of establishing a company headquarters, manufacturing facility or related project. The Chamber opposes this legislation.
  • The House Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & IT Committee was canceled for Wednesday, February 5th. The committee was assigned HB 2736 (Buckner) which creates the "Right to Know Act". This legislation would forbid an operator of a website or online service from disclosing personal information about users of its website, or application, residing in Illinois unless in the customer agreement they are notified. All website or online service operators that disclose personal information to a third party must maintain an email address or toll-free phone number to inform any Illinois resident that asks what personal information that was shared about them and to whom it was shared. Most worrisome is that it creates a private right of action for failure to comply. The Chamber opposes this legislation.  

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