April 10, 2020

This Week in Illinois

Session Update
The House and Senate were not in session this week, this is still the regularly scheduled General Assembly spring break. However, it  is uncertain when the General Assembly will resume. There are many rumors circulating, but no one can be sure when the legislature will return to Springfield. The Chamber will let you know as soon as a date of return or new information is announced.
Senate Working Groups 
Stakeholders are beginning to move behind the scenes despite session recess. Politico announced about 10 different Senate working groups are currently in progress. The biggest is the budgetary group made up of both Democrats and Republicans. They are starting now so that Illinois doesn't have a typical last-minute budget. The Chamber takes this as a good sign. There are nine or so other groups which include topics like unemployment, cannabis, and capital spending.
Business Suggestions  
The Chamber is consulting with the governor's administration on business relief. Please send us any information or suggestions we can use to advocate on your behalf.  
We also want to share your good news. Please send any announcements or positive stories on your business to 
DCEO Webinars  
In partnership with the Illinois Department of Economic Opportunity (DCEO), the Chamber is holding a series of webinars with DCEO Director Erin Guthrie on state and federal programs being offered to small businesses in your area. You can view the list of dates and time and sign up here.  

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