July 25, 2020

This Week in Illinois

Mayor Lightfoot Announces New COVID-19 Restrictions
On Monday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced new restrictions on businesses operating within the city due to an increased number of COVID-19 cases. The mayor said that COVID-19 is still under control in the Chicago area but a "re-tightening" was needed in certain business sectors.

The new restrictions will affect bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and residential properties.
  • Indoor fitness class size will be reduced to a maximum of 10 people
  • Bars and other establishments that serve alcohol for on-site consumption without a Retail Food license will no longer be able to serve customers indoors
  • Residential property managers will be asked to limit guest entry to five per unit
The Mayor, and Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) have said these measures will help combat the spread of COVID-19 within the city.  The press release with a full listing of restrictions can be found here.  The order went into effect July 24th. 
At this time, Gov. Pritzker has not announced any new mitigation measures.  

IL Chamber Addresses Ethics  Concerns Regarding the Progressive Income Tax 
On Thursday, Illinois Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch discussed why voters should be wary of the Progressive Income Tax amendment. In his seventh video in a series on the Progressive income tax amendment, Maisch addressed the issue of trust. If the amendment were to pass, Maisch said it would provide incentives for bad actors to take unfair advantage of the new tax code. The entire video can be viewed below. 

The Chamber is adamantly opposed to the Progressive Income Tax amendment for many reasons, the foremost is the adverse effect it will have on the Illinois economy. 

PIT#7: Trust
PIT#7: Trust

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