What You Need To Know For September/October
  • AOCA’s game-changing comments to FTC uncover rampant MMWA violations.
  •  Massachusetts once again the national test site for Right to Repair—this time to add coverage for critical telematics.
  • Ongoing Hyundai defect management—free oil change campaign.
  • Hyundai/Kia vehicles mysteriously dropping drainplugs reported again.
  • Texas Safety Inspection Association Annual Conference October 7-8, 2019.
  • AOCA to participate in Department of Energy meeting on ways to improve used oil collection—members urged to fill out DIYer used oil survey by October 11th.
  •  AOCA W&M Engine Oil & Transmission Fluid Labels & Receipts Training coming to a screen near you soon!
2019 Government Affairs Committee

Chairman Justin Cialella (Victory Lane Michigan), Mark Bochnowski (Lube 'n Go, Inc. Texas), Michael Chilberto (Oil Changer California), Michael Ducharme (Solid Start Florida), Bill Floyd (Lucas Oil Center Indiana), Eric Frankenberger (Oil Changer California), Joanna Johnson, AOCA Policy Advisor, Jason Lyon (TTL Automotive California), Richard Moore (Service Champ), Ron Morrow (FullSpeed Automotive Colorado HQ), Rick Murphy (Valvoline Express Care Arkansas), Jay Rosenthal (New Jersey Jiffy Lubes), Jenny Slifka (Exxpress Lube California), Ron Slone (Hoffman Development/Jiffy Lube New York), Co-Chair Bicoastal Subcommittee, Tom Staker (Grease Monkey), Pete Villari (DEKRA Georgia HQ), Matt Webb (Premiere Oil Change), Co-Chair Bicoastal Subcommittee
Automotive Oil Change Association
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