DATA DELAWARE: Monday, April 1, 2019
increasingly "The Land of Make Believe". 

House Bill 63 passed last week. The State Senate is next. 

In the interview below, State Senator Dave Lawson explains if you legally owned a gun that is stolen – and then it's used in a crime – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. 
(Or you could be held responsible.) 

Reworded , the severity of the offense against the gun owner is ultimately determined by the actions of the person that took the firearm! 

The former law enforcement officer also says,
"Dover probably has six more anti-gun pieces of legislation to follow". 

Before you end up in jail  CLICK HERE (10 min. podcast)

If you OPPOSE HB 63, State Senator Lawson suggests
you CALL and EMAIL the following legislators and let them know your opinion!

Senator Dave Lawson
Delaware General Assembly
Please forward! Please share!
Dace Blaskovitz, Publisher
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