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February 26, 2021
Each week, Chamber staff meets with elected officials and attends numerous City, County and School Board meetings (including virtual). Below is a recap of our recent activity along with information for upcoming events.
The Chamber is constantly working to build relations with our state agencies in Tallahassee as well as Volusia County entities.
To learn more about the Chamber’s Government Relations activities,
call Jim Cameron at 386.566.2140.
US House expected to approve President Biden’s
$1.9 trillion Covid-19 stimulus bill today
The bill is expected to pass along party lines and Congressman Michael Waltz will be voting NO mainly due to a provision that requires a new $15 federal minimum wage (by 2025).

However, the Senate’s Parliamentarian ruled that the
the $15 per hour minimum wage increase will not be allowed as part of the relief bill (under budget reconciliation) when it comes to their chamber.
With the Senate’s 50 Republicans/50 Democrats (with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker vote), any future vote on the minimum wage will be their first major test. 

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VIRTUAL Volusia Days at the Capital
March 16-17
The Daytona Regional Chamber is coordinating Department Administrators/Agency Execs to present the latest news regarding state government on Tuesday afternoon (1:00 – 5:00 pm).

On Wednesday morning (8:00 am – 12 noon), participants will hear from our Volusia delegation as well as other key House and Senate members regarding legislation affecting the business community.

This event is hosted by our Red Sponsors - Ghyabi Consulting & Management, Daytona International Speedway, and Charter-Spectrum.
Issues to be discussed include Liability Protection for Small Businesses related to COVID-19, Unemployment Compensation fund, K-12 education, Volusia infrastructure projects, E-Fairness/Internet Sales Tax, and the $2 billion state budget shortfall. 

Click here to RSVP and for more information.
The Legislative Session runs March 2 - April 30. Look for the Chamber's Legislative Status Report to begin March 5 and run each Friday. 

It will include details regarding business-related bills as well as information regarding our Volusia legislative delegation.
Daytona Beach City Manager Applicants
Narrowed to Five Finalists
Last week, the Daytona Beach City Commission narrowed the field of city manager applicants to five finalists.....Deric Feacher,
Caryn Gardner-Young, Thomas J. Hutka, Terrence Moore and
Terry Suggs.

A community forum is set for Saturday, March 20, 9 am, at the Midtown Cultural & Educational Center located at 925 George Engram Blvd. At the forum, the public will have an opportunity to hear each candidate and ask questions. For anyone unable to attend, go to or watch Spectrum Channel 490.

Citizens planning to attend this event should register in advance. There will be social distancing and attendees are asked to mask-up.

Click here to register online and see backgrounds of all five finalist candidates. For more information, call (386) 671-8018.
Port Orange City Council Approves Panhandling Ordinance 
February 9, the Port Orange City Council approved an ordinance that will place restrictions on panhandling (Mayor Don Burnette, Councilmembers Scott Stiltner, Drew Bastian, Chase Tramont, and Jonathan Foley voted YES).
Their ordinance limits how, when and where panhandling will be allowed. It was somewhat similar to the Daytona Beach ordinance which requires panhandlers to remain at least 20 feet from ATMs, businesses, and bus stops, and 150 feet from major intersections.

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Volusia County Council Decides on 2021 Priorities
February 16 - the Volusia County Council conducted a workshop to discuss priorities for 2021. After extensive discussion, the Council agreed upon the following….
1. Infrastructure
2. Economic Development
3. Future Growth
4. Affordable Housing
5. Improve the County's Permitting Process 

There will be additional workshop meetings on each of these topics and a scheduled date will be announced. More information will be forthcoming.
Chamber's Eggs & Issues Breakfast
Focus on Daytona Beach International Airport
Karen Feaster
Thursday, April 8, 7:30 – 9 am
Halifax River Yacht Club (Hybrid Event)

Airport Director Karen Feaster will provide an update of overall activity at DBIA including flight schedules, capital projects, new tenants as well as other news.
DBIA is in the midst of exciting times! There are new flights to Dallas and Philadelphia and other perspective companies considering DBIA. A $14 million renovation of the airport terminal has just completed.
DBIA received a $21 million allocation from the Federal Aviation Administration to "keep airports in reliable, safe operation to serve the aviation industry, the traveling public".

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Governor's Proposed FY 2021-22 Budget discussed at Chamber's Breakfast
February 11, Chris Spencer, Director of Policy & Budget, Office of the Governor, explained that the Florida’s fiscal year begins July 1 and that the Governor has until June 30 to act upon any budget using a line item veto. 
Chris Spencer
Budget reserves and funding from the CARES Act (approved by Congress) made up the shortfall in the current budget (last July). However, in August 2020, a $5 billion shortfall was estimated for FY 2021-22 but forecasters have decreased it to a $2 billion shortfall.

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Redistricting Update
The 2020 Census is complete and the Bureau had planned to complete the rollout of data by March 31.

However, due to COVID-19 delays, they announced that data Florida legislators (and local government entities) will use to redraw boundaries won’t be delivered until September
Volusia County will soon begin the mandatory process of redrawing of its five County Council district boundary lines.
By law, every 10 years after the Census numbers are complete, county council district boundaries are redrawn to incorporate changes in population. The redistricting data includes counts of population by race, ethnicity (Hispanic or Latino origin), voting age, housing occupancy status, and group quarters population, all at the census block level. 

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US Senate – How does a 50-50 Split Work?
While an even 50-50 Senate split is rare in American history, it does give the edge to the Democrats (Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie-breaker vote) but they will be subject to a power-sharing agreement on some administrative matters.
Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer is now majority leader. The Senate technically has 48 Democrats and two independents (Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Maine’s Angus King usually vote with them).
With this situation, Democrats assign a chairman for each of the Senate’s 20 permanent committees, hold a majority of seats on each committee and control most committee staff and resources. 

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Area Staff Info Exchange Conference Calls
In an effort to maintain relations with our Tallahassee and Washington officials, the Chamber brings area staff members from Senators Marco Rubio’s and Rick Scott’s offices, Congressman Michael Waltz’ office, State CFO Jimmy Patronis’ and Governor Ron DeSantis’ offices to meet with local Chamber businesses and community leaders.

Since we're not able to host them here due to current restrictions, the Chamber has been scheduling weekly conference calls with these staff members as well as local business/elected officials.

The purpose of these calls is to keep these offices up-to-date on activity in Volusia i.e. maintain relationships.

Call Jim Cameron at 566-2140 if you would like to participate.
Next Volusia Elected Officials Roundtable Meeting
Volusia Elected Officials Roundtable meeting is Monday, March 8, 12 noon at the

The group includes one elected official from each of Volusia's cities, county government and school system. It meets monthly to discuss countywide issues and concerns. The Volusia County Council hosts the meetings.
Meetings are open to the public, and those who wish to attend may bring their own lunch. Tables and seating are provided.
RSVP to Laura DiGioia in the County Manager's Office at 386-736-5920 ext. 15204. For information about the Roundtable, call Kevin Captain at 386-822-5062.
Elected Officials Contact Information
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126 E. Orange Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
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