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February 22, 2020
GRU #345
Government Relations Update #345
Mark Sakai, Director of Government Relations &
Jay Chadha, Government Relations Research Associate
Twitter: @Mark_HAVAN
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  • At Burnaby’s City Council meeting of 24 February, a report with the city’s UBCM resolutions (From 2018 – 2020) is on the agenda. 
  • On the agenda for Burnaby’s Planning and Development Committee meeting of 25 February is a report on the ‘Finalized Rental Use Zoning Policy’. 
  • The following motions are on the agenda for Vancouver’s Regular Council meeting of 25 February: Limiting 2021 Property Tax Rate Increase to No More Than 5%; Provincial Enabling of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing by Local Governments; Unintended Consequences: Reconsideration of a Council Direction That May Affect Housing in the City of Vancouver (Regarding the extension of the rental replacement requirements to the C-2 Zone).  
  • At Vancouver’s Standing Committee on City Finance and Services meeting of 26 February, a report regarding a ‘One Year Trial Period – Duplexes in Most RS Zones’ is on the agenda.
  • A report regarding ‘Simplified and Expanded Zoning and Development Regulations for Passive House Projects’ is on the agenda for Vancouver’s Public Hearing of 25 February. 
  • On the agenda for Richmond’s City Council meeting of 24 February is a report on the city’s participation in the BC Building Energy Benchmarking Pilot Program (pg. 92). 
  • On the agenda for New Westminster’s Regular Council meeting of 24 February are presentations regarding a ‘Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project Update’ and a ‘Sapperton Green Master Plan Update’. Here’s a piece from the New Westminster Record regarding the Pattullo Bridge project. Also on the agenda is a report on ‘Land Use Policy: Work Program for Endorsement’ (pg. 165) and various miscellaneous Zoning Bylaw amendments (pg. 310). 
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  • An updated Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan is on the agenda for Coquitlam’s Public Hearing on 24 February. The updated plan is also up for consideration at the city’s Regular Council meeting on the same day. 
  • On the agenda for Maple Ridge’s Council Workshop of 25 February is a report on the ‘Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Area Transport Plan: Additional Tasks Proposed by Translink’ (pg. 23). 
  • Maple Ridge OCP Amending Bylaw No.7594-2019 (Regarding revisions to the DP process) is up for third reading and adoption at the city’s Council meeting of 25 February (pg .44).
  • The following reports are on the agenda for Port Moody’s Regular Council meeting of 25 February: Master Transportation Plan 2020 Update (pg. 76); StepWin Pilot Community – Energy Step Code Implementation (pg. 242); Resolution for LMLGA and UBCM - Recommending Change of Strata Act and Residential Tenancy Act to Disallow Discrimination Against Pet Owners (pg. 249); Resubmission of LMLGA and UBCM Municipalities Resolution Regarding Greenhouse Gas Limits for New Buildings (pg. 252). 
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  • At Langley Township’s Regular Afternoon Council meeting of 24 February, the ‘Mayor’s Standing Committee on Development Management Process Review Workshop’ is up for discussion. Also, on the agenda for the Township’s Regular Evening Council meeting is a motion by Cllr. Arnason on ‘Establishing Right of Ways for Critical Roadway Linkages in Willoughby’ (pg. 11).
  • A corporate report providing a ‘Transportation Strategic Plan Update’ is on the agenda for Surrey’s Regular Council (Public Hearing) meeting of 24 February. 
  • The release of the Fleetwood Plan Update by the city of Surrey left residents scrambling in confusion as per Cllr. Pettigrew. 
  • On the agenda for Delta’s Regular Council meeting of 24 February is a report on their Housing Needs Assessment. Also, there is a report with the city’s resolutions for UBCM, including a section on ‘Safety Requirements for Existing Secondary Suites’.
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  • North Vancouver District’s “Pigeongate” issue appears to be nearing some resolution, as the Independent Report on the Bylaw was released, (here’s the NS News story) and CBC.ca’s Justin McElroy reports that two of the Councillors who supported the original bylaw would like the issued to be re-examined. 
  • On the agenda for North Vancouver District's Regular Council meeting of 24 February are the following resolutions for LMLGA and UBCM: Establish Standards for Building, Electrification Heat Pumps, and Water Heaters (pg. 245); Congestion Pricing (pg. 247); Green Roofs (pg. 249); Predominant Purpose of Bylaw (pg. 251); Water Conservation and Grey Water Use (pg. 255); GHG Reporting for Business (pg. 257); GHG Reduction Legislation (pg. 259). 
  • At West Vancouver’s Regular Council meeting of 24 February, the following bylaw amendments are up for second and third readings: Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4985, 2018, Amendment Bylaw No. 5054, 2020; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 5055, 2020; Building Bylaw No. 4400, 2008, Amendment Bylaw No. 5056, 2020. All the proposed bylaws above are connected to the District’s Climate Emergency Response.
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  • Here’s another in a long series of Douglas Todd “Let’s blame foreign money for everything” columns. This time highlighting the groundbreaking work of SFU Professor Donald Gutstein who “discovered” Asian investment in Vancouver’s real estate market. One day, I’d like to see someone do a hypothetical column/report on what Vancouver would look like if we had no foreign investment in our region whatsoever (there would be no Lions Gate Bridge, for starters).
  • A 2010 Legacy: development and densification of areas like Olympic Village, the Cambie Corridor, the Richmond Oval Precinct and Squamish, spurred on by massive infrastructure investments. 
  • Similar problems for urban and suburban residents in areas where school room supply doesn’t meet the demand. Whether it’s downtown Vancouver or Surrey’s high growth precincts, the inability for parents to enroll their kids in the closest school is a problem.
  • A report on ‘Regional Growth Strategy Amendment Bylaw No. 1295 – Alignment with IPC Report on Global Warming’ is on the agenda for MVRD’s Regular Board Meeting of 28 February (pg. 180).
  • Two articles (One and Two) from the Globe & Mail on the Provincial Government’s policies/budget quoting HAVAN CEO Ron Rapp. 
  • The Insurance Bureau of Canada has formed a task force to tackle the concerns surrounding surging strata insurance rates. Also, here’s a FAQ sheet from IBC titled ‘Strata insurance rates are rising’. 
  • Be sure to provide comments to OSFI’s proposed change to the Mortgage Stress Test. Here’s a short blog on BCREA’s response to the news. 
  • Here’s CMHC’s Canadian Housing Market Assessment for Q1 of 2020. 
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  • Abigail Bond moved from the City of Vancouver to Toronto to take up the position of Executive Director of the Housing Secretariat. She sits down for an interview with the Star to discuss her approach to solving Toronto’s housing crisis.
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  • Robert Lee was a giant in our industry. Our condolences to his family.  
  • Here’s a piece in Forbes on the potential ways Artificial Intelligence could change commercial real estate. 
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