Siena College Poll
  • Attorney General: James – 53% Henry – 37%

  • State Comptroller: DiNapoli – 52% Rodriguez – 29%

  • Control of US House: Dems – 54% Reps – 39%

  • Environmental Bond Act: Yes – 55% No – 26%

  • Economic Issues: Voters' Top Issue by Far; Threats to Democracy & Crime are Next Most Important; Gun Policy, Abortion & Healthcare Follow Far Behind
Contact Information
Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg will be available at 11 am, Wednesday, September 28, on the 3rd Floor of the State Capitol to discuss the poll findings.

Greenberg can be reached at 518-469-9858 or to arrange for interviews in person or via Skype/Zoom/Teams/phone (do not hit 'reply' to this email to reach Greenberg).
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