It's the moment we've all been waiting for.



I really do feel as excited as that pup hanging our the window, fur flyin, sun shinin', smilin'!


Because today, Governor Baker announced the Massachusetts re-opening plan.

And we, massage is in Phase 2!

What does that mean?

Well, an exact date is NOT established. However, using his 3 weeks between phases protocol, we guess that Skin to Soul can re open between June 8 and June 15th, as long as positive covid cases continue to trend downwards, as they have been.

If you'd like ALL the information, check out the source here:

Governor Baker's reopen committee has put together an extremely detailed re open plan and protocol, plus specific protocols for each industry.

Let me tell you one thing.

WE ARE READY. We meet AND exceed all protocols listed so far.

Not only had we already been sanitizing all touchpoints between clients and handwashing as per the norm of our industry and of Skin to Sou, we have added rewashable aprons for employees to wear between clients, shoe coverings and "office shoes" for employees and masks. I have also invested in HEPA H13 air purifiers for every single room that will turn over the air every 15-30 minutes. We have purchased sani sheet vinyl coverings for each massage table and massage face cradle, that we can hopefully put our table warmers UNDERNEATH, so that we can spray spray spray our tables with EPA approved disinfectant between each client. I even ordered little bleach/blue disinfectant toilet tablets to keep our toilet water disinfected at all times.

For you: There will be hand sanitizer and hand soap galore, and comfy shoe coverings/slippers for clients (or you can just leave shoes at the door!), spray for your cellphone, masks if you forgot yours (or want to try ours out), spaced out front desk and waiting areas (or simply wait in your car if you'd like) and an easy simple protocol to follow for you, to keep it safe, sanitary, and RELAXING, for you. We will continue as we have been, to keep in touch, and communicate every single detail you would like, so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

We may be contacting you down the road to move your appointment here and there, to accommodate any schedule changes, so keep your eyes open for those emails! In the meantime, if you've been dying for your massage, reiki or myofascial session like we've been dying to work, then consider booking your appointment ahead of time. Please feel free to book your appointments now, because we have a feeling we will be filling up quickly! Do yourself a favor and book it after June 15th, just to be safe!


You, our members and our clients. Keeping us alive with your membership payments. Sending me words of praise, feedback, encouragement I can't thank you enough for your business, for your faith, for your trust in us. We only hope to be able to continue to provide you the awesome, relaxing and healing bodywork you've grown accustomed to.

All the people that contacted us to donate their sessions to essential care workers. Because of your generosity, we are going to be donating over 200 sessions to essential care workers that have been selflessly sacrificing their health and lives to save ours. I can't wait to be able to help them, and Im so thankful at your generosity

All the clients (and non clients!) that decided to go online with us, and check out my facebook live videos (over 40 by now! on our Skin to Soul Facebook Page) and support us virtually by buying our course online. It's been so great to connect with each of you over facebook, or email with your questions, comments and feedback and Encouragement! Doing these live videos has helped me hone in on what's really important for our clients, and what really works, when it comes to relieving stress, tension, anxiety and pain.

To my Husband Paulo, fearlessly supporting me as I went through the grief, fear and anxiety of watching my business go through this incredibly crazy time and helping paint the office, take it apart, and put it all back together.

To my family and friends, keeping me sane, keeping me human, letting me bounce ideas off of them, and giving me encouragement.

And to my employees, staying in touch, trusting the process, sending me words and emails of encouragement and feedback, to keep us all going.


With this knowledge, I will be using these next few weeks to put together a Skin to Soul Online Community, and online course, that you can access ANYTIME, when you need an extra hand in life.

As I mentioned earlier,for a limited time before we re open, I'll be inviting you to join this community for free AND get a free pass to the online course once I create it. This is an opportunity NOT to be missed. If you'd like to be considered in the beta version, all you have to do is buy our Myofascial Course for $7.50 and check it out, OR, check out our free Live videos on Facebook right now, and COMMENT or give me some feedback, on what you like, what you have questions on, etc.

REALLY looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Nicole Russo