Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Historic Community College Transfer Legislation
L-R: Executive Vice President Jessie Ryan, Governor Gavin Newsom, President Michele Siqueiros, Assemblymember Marc Berman
Today Governor Newsom signed AB 928 and AB 1111, landmark legislation that had unanimous support from the legislature and will finally fix transfer so millions more California community college students can earn their bachelor’s degrees and reach their college dreams!

When students across the state shared how difficult, expensive, and time consuming it was to transfer with Assemblymember Marc Berman, the Campaign for College Opportunity, and Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, it was clear that urgent action was needed to fix the broken transfer process from community colleges to our state’s public universities. With insights and ideas from students, educators, campus administrators, and civil rights advocates, Assemblymember Berman courageously authored AB 928 and AB 1111 to transform a transfer process that had failed students for far too long.

Taken together, AB 928 and AB 1111 are historic pieces of legislation that get to the very heart of why fewer than 3% of community college students transfer after two years. AB 928 creates a general education transfer pathway for students to become eligible to the UC and CSU; establishes a committee representing K-12 schools, community colleges, and public and private universities dedicated to simplifying transfer; and places community college students onto the Associate Degree for Transfer pathway to increase their likelihood of transferring successfully. AB 1111 requires the 116 community colleges to adopt a common course numbering system that would be accessible and easy to understand for students.
Photo of paper copies of AB 928 and AB 1111
This victory would not have been possible without our coalition of over 30 dedicated partners across the state, including UC Student Association, Cal State Student Association, the Cal State system, community college student leaders, and education, civil rights, and business leaders.

Transforming Transfer has been more than 10 years in the making. With AB 928, Assemblymember Marc Berman carries the torch that U.S. Senator Alex Padilla held during his time in the California State Legislature as the author of SB 1440 with the creation of the Associate Degree for Transfer in 2010. The Associate Degree for Transfer has helped nearly 300,000 students transfer more seamlessly, spending less time and money to earn their degrees. AB 928 will significantly accelerate the pace of transfer and degree attainment for millions of deserving California students.

We appreciate Governor Newsom for his commitment and bold action to strengthen higher education in California. He promised to do so as a candidate for Governor, and today he delivered on that promise. 
Campaign for College Opportunity team with Assemblymember Marc Berman