Post-Session News from Annapolis
Delegate Trent Kittleman - District 9A
May 7, 2020: Issue # 16

Governor Hogan Exercises his Veto Pen
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Here is an initial list of the more significant vetoes
This year, the Governor grouped his veto letters into four categories: Increased Spending vetoes; Higher Taxes and Fees vetoes; Failure to Address Violent Crime vetoes, and Remainder of Legislation . Bills in the first three categories are linked to the Governor's Veto Letter. Bills not linked are covered in the Governor's General general Veto Letter .
  • HB 1300 -- the Kirwan "Blueprint for Maryland's Future"

  • HB 1260 -- Historically Black Colleges & Universities" $580 Million reparations

  • HB 732: Tobacco Tax, Sales & Use Tax, and Digital Advertising Gross Revenues Tax.

  • HB 932: 21st Century Economy Fairness Act that would have imposed the state's 6% sales to digital downloads such as songs, movies, e-books and streaming TV services.

  • HB 004: Rifles and Shotguns – Sales, Rentals, and Transfers.

  • HB 1095: Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund

  • HB 1658: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra -- Funding and Reporting

  • HB 1408/SB 929: Baltimore City - P.R.O.T.E.C.T. - Would have required the state to fund a number of crime-fighting initiatives.

  • SB 300: Pesticides - Use of Chiorpyrifos - Prohibition

  • HB 1236: Transit - Maryland Area Regional Commuter Train - Expansion of Service

  • HB 86: Maryland Metro/Transit Funding Act - Alterations

  • HB 125/SB 148: Board of Public Works - Land Acquisition - Requirements

  • SB 226: Prohibition on Outdoor Advertising Signs Along Expressways - Modification
The balance of the bills vetoed by the Governor Hogan are listed below along with a general Veto Letter saying:

" The economic fallout from this pandemic simply makes it impossible to fund any new programs, impose any new tax hikes, nor ado-pt any legislation having any significant fiscal impact, regardless of the merits of the legislation"
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