Governor Northam and the First Lady continue a Virginia tradition that began 344 years ago, accepting the annual tribute from the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Tribal Nations. This tradition began in 1677, with the signing of the Treaty of Middle Plantation. Each year the Chiefs of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Tribes honor the agreement with a symbolic tribute of wild game and hand-crafted gifts.
Today, we continue a tradition that started 344 years ago in 1677, said Governor Northam. It is Virginia's honor to accept this tribute from the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Tribes—and I am personally grateful for the friendship Virginia's Tribal Nations have shown Pam and me over these four years.
Governor Northam Celebrates Virginia's Strong Economic Outlook—Passing on a Commonwealth Stronger than He Found It
On Monday, November 22 Governor Northam held the Governor's Advisory Council on Revenue Estimates (GACRE) Meeting. Leaders from the Commonwealth's largest sectors and government met to discuss the economic outlook of the Commonwealth's revenues and budget for the coming year.
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