Good morning,

As many of you know, yesterday Governor Polis extended statewide school closures, including PCSD1, through April 17. Scheduled school-related events during that closure will likely either be postponed or cancelled. In some cases, we may be able to conduct business remotely/virtually, which we will do as possible.

PCSD1 staff members have been conducting virtual meetings to refine operational plans for providing instructional services, via remote learning, through this extended closure. I anticipate that we will outline those plans to you by the end of business tomorrow.

I know that there are many questions about events, graduation, etc. I can assure you that we will work to provide the best possible solutions for our students, given the circumstances, and that we will endeavor to minimize the impact of the closure on our students and families.

That said, we are all in uncharted territory, and I ask for your grace as we work through this together. This community has shown strength time and time again, and I have no doubt that we will demonstrate that strength once again as we tackle this problem together.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns,
Mike Schmidt
PCSD1 Superintendent