Governor Protects Status Quo with Friday Vetoes

Madison – Governor Evers continues to veto needed educational reforms. Again on a Friday afternoon, the governor targeted parental rights with two of his vetoes. Both bills are part of the Empowering Parents Agenda authored by Senator Alberta Darling. She says it’s clear the governor didn’t even read the bills sent to him.

“If the Governor had bothered to read the bills we sent to him, he would see that we were giving him the power to be part of the solution for smaller, more accountable, community school districts for Milwaukee. He’s vetoing this bill because he wants to hide from the problem he helped create,” Darling said, “Teachers are reporting discrimination, employees are reporting retaliation by MPS. The district is also not supporting teachers who are being attacked in their classrooms. This bill would allow the governor to be directly involved in creating school districts that can’t hide behind a wall of bureaucracy and ignore failing test scores.”

  • Only 4.2% of Milwaukee Public School (MPS) students scored proficient or better in Math on the Forward exams last year (grades 3-8)
  • Only 7.3% of MPS students scored proficient or better in English on the Forward exams last year (grades 3-8)
  • Only 8.9% of MPS students scored proficient or better in Science on the Forward exams last year (grades 4 and 8)
  • Only 7.2% of MPS students scored proficient or better in Social Science on the Forward exams last year (grades 4, 8, and 10)

Assembly Bill 966 Milwaukee Public School Reform – Establishes a new commission made up of elected officials with a vested interest in the community, including the Mayor of Milwaukee, the Governor, and the State Superintendent to restructure MPS. They will be tasked with developing smaller community districts that are more manageable and accountable to parents and their communities.

“I’m not surprised by the governor’s action,” Darling said, “In an election year, he can’t afford to face the failure he refused to address as DPI Secretary and now as governor.”

The governor also took aim at the rights of Wisconsin parents by vetoing common-sense protections for every family in the state. Darling says the governor is letting the government into areas where it has no business. 

“Wisconsin parents must have clear cut rights in our statutes. This bill would do that,” Darling said, “Governor Evers seems to believe that government should have a bigger say than parents and that is flat out wrong.”

Assembly Bill 963 Parental Bill of Rights - Establishes several parental rights relating to decisions regarding a child's religion, medical care, records, and education, and creates a cause of action for the violation of these rights. Allows a parent to bring a suit if those rights are violated.

Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties. 

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