Governor Signs "Mixed Drinks To Go" into Law
After finally receiving the bill allowing “Mixed Drinks To Go” back from the Senate, the House of Representatives swiftly returned the bill along with their original limits and sunset clause which were more restaurant friendly. The Senate agreed with those enhancements, and it was sent to the Governor for his approval. This afternoon, the Governor signed the bill, and as a result of the emergency preamble that the House included, restaurants can begin selling mixed drinks to go immediately under the following provisions:
  • “Mixed drink”, distilled spirits and mixers that are combined on a licensed premises and sold in a sealed container; provided that the volume be of the same proportion as if it was served for on-premises consumption.
  • “Sealed container”, a packaged container with a secure lid or cap designed to prevent consumption without removal of the lid or cap.
  • Lid with sipping holes or an opening for straws must be covered up with tape or sticking adhesive.
  • Must be sold as part of same transaction as food. 
  • No mixed drinks may be sold after 12am. 
  • Customer is limited to 64 fluid ounces of mixed drinks per transaction.  
  • If the mixed drink is to be transported by a motor vehicle, either by delivery or pick-up, the driver of a motor vehicle shall transport the mixed drink in the trunk of the motor vehicle or some other area that is not considered the passenger area.
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