July 28, 2020
To: Member Municipalities

Governor Sisolak Focuses on Enforcement

On Monday, July 27, 2020, Governor Sisolak gave a press conference to communicate the current state of COVID-19 in Nevada and to preview a targeted long-term containment strategy. The Governor will present this strategy on Monday August 3, 2020, but he indicated that it will focus on a county by county data-driven evaluation of each county’s containment success in order to increase the predictability of more or less restrictive policies for businesses and residents in each county.

The Governor stated that our COVID-19 new cases have increased, but that this was anticipated given the 4th of July holiday. He suggested that there were indicators to suggest that Nevada is improving its overall containment noting specifically a significant increase in mask wearing, testing, and compliance with health and safety rules. State data shows that we are beginning to flatten the curve in terms of new cases and hospitalizations.

He also referred to a decrease in our R Effective to .98. The R Effective is the average number of secondary cases per infectious case in a population made up of both susceptible and non-susceptible hosts. If R>1, then the number of cases will increase, if R<1, then the number of cases will decrease. On June 28, 2020, Nevada’s R Effective was 1.63.

The long-term containment strategy will be built on enforcing the public health guidelines with respect to each business. Businesses will be closely watched for compliance and punitive actions will be taken if businesses are habitually non-compliant. The Governor will be seeking corrective actions against individual violators rather than punishing categories of businesses. The Governor emphasized that all residents should stay home when possible, stay home always when feeling sick, practicing social distancing, washing hands frequently, and wearing a face covering.

Thank you for your membership. There is strength in unity.

Wesley Harper, Executive Director
Nevada League of Cities & Municipalities