Governor Walz Closes Minnesota Schools Until March 30, 2020
Dear Prep Community,

This morning, Minnesota Governor Walz closed all Minnesota public schools from March 18 – March 27. The current plan is to reopen all schools on Monday, March 30. 

The closure is intended to plan for “distance learning” for ALL of the students at St. Croix Prep. As communicated to us by the Minnesota Department of Education, this includes appropriate daily education and available interaction with ALL staff. Later this morning we will receive guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education on extra consideration related to students receiving special education services, children in economically at risk families, and children of health care professionals and first responders.

Due to the Governor’s announcement, the school building will be closed to the public, all extra-curricular activities will be canceled, and there will be no YCare until further notice. 

We want to assure you that St. Croix Prep is closely monitoring these events and will continue to make decisions based on the guidance from organizations responsible for providing this expertise. 

Thank you for your attention to this.

Jon Gutierrez
Executive Director