Budget Update  2/9/2017
Governor's Transportation Budget
Yesterday, the governor released his budget.  TDA staff is still combing through the details, but here is what we know:


  • The proposal includes no new revenue in the current biennium, nor does it put forward a plan to provide a solution to Wisconsin’s long-term transportation challenge.
  • The governor proposes the use of $500 million in bonding, down from $850 million in the current biennium.
  • $24 million a year will be transferred from the petroleum inspection fund. This amount is consistent with the current budget.
  • Beginning in fiscal year 2019-20, approximately $100 million a biennium in excess revenues from the existing petroleum inspection fee will be deposited into the transportation fund.
Program Details

Local Transportation Aids & Assistance: $77 million increase over the current biennium 

  State Highway Program: $334 million reduction compared to the current biennium
Southeast Megas
  • Keeps the Core of the Zoo on schedule.
  • Transfers funding for I-94 East/West to I-94 North/South.
Major Highway Program
  • Keeps “active projects outside of southeastern Wisconsin” such as USH 18/151, USH 10-441, STH 15, and I-39/90 on schedule.
  • Includes $153.3 million in transportation revenue bonds.
Highway Rehabilitation
  • Increase of less than one quarter of one percent.
  • Includes $308.7 million in transportation fund-supported general obligation bonds
Major Interstate Bridge
  • Provides $8 million for the Stillwater Bridge project.
  • Adds $30 million for highway system maintenance and operations and $33.7 million for routine maintenance.
  • Governor’s proposal doesn’t include the department’s recommendation for a $6 million increase for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and signals.
Transit Aids: $840,500 increase over the current biennium
  • $840.500 in additional funding for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities County Aids.
  • No increase for mass transit.
Harbor Assistance Program (HAP): $14.1 million in transportation fund-supported general obligation bonds.   This is the same level as the current biennium.

Freight Railroad Preservation Program (FRPP): $12 million in transportation-supported general obligation bonds. This is below the 2015-17 program level of $29 million.

  • Repeals the prevailing wage requirements for state construction projects including those let by the Department of Transportation and prohibits any unit of government in Wisconsin from either requiring or prohibiting the use of a project labor agreement by a contractor as a condition of bidding on a public works project. 
  • Allows the department to use construction manager/general contractor bidding on three pilot projects.
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